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Happy Yorkshire Day 2018

I couldn’t let Yorkshire Day 2018 pass without theyorkshiredad.com having a celebratory post in the honour of this great county. Okay, technically there are four counties that make up Yorkshire but I’m brushing over that here.

I decided that to celebrate Yorkshire Day 2018 I would post 4 photos – one from each of the four riding of Yorkshires; north, south, east and west.

North Yorkshire

Today we live in North Yorkshire on the edge of the North York Moors National Park. It’s my favourite riding in Yorkshire and for me is the most picturesque. I decided that my photo of North Yorkshire would be this one I took just a few weeks ago from the top of the Sutton Bank escarpment. This is known as “The Finest View in England” and I can see why. I love this viewpoint, it takes my breath away.

The Finest View in England at Sutton Bank

South Yorkshire

Despite working in Rothern, South Yorkshire, for 3 years I have very few photos of this riding of Yorkshire. However, when we live in West Yorkshire we were frequent visitors to Cannon Hall Farm in Barnsley where this shot was taken.

sheep racnig at Cannon Hall farm

East Yorkshire

I get confused about East Yorkshire as when I was growing up it was called Humberside. I work with a chap from East Yorkshire who has filled me in on this somewhat tetchy part of the history of the east riding. For now, just enjoy this HDR shot I may over the River Humber from the bank close to The Deep.

West Yorkshire

I was born and raised in a village close to Cleckheaton in West Yorkshire. This riding is probably most famous for its links with mill industries. We lived for a number of years in Dewsbury, a town born from the rag and cloth trades with many mills in the town. I have so many photos in my archives that choosing one for West Yorkshire was difficult. This is a shot of Temple Newson House near Leeds. It’s somewhere we frequently visited with the children when we lived down there.

Temple Newsom House

I hope you’ve enjoyed these photos from Yorkshire celebrating Yorkshire Day 2018. What do you love about where you live? Let me know in the comments, please.

Thanks for reading.


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