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Sunbeds and Mountains – My Photo Friday

Sometimes you just happen upon a scene where your eye catches the light and you just know it will make a great photo. This is one such photo.

This scene was one I walked past dozens of time during our stay at the Fili Apartments in Tigaki on the Greek island of Kos.  But on this particular evening, I just happened to be there not only at the golden hour but also when the light was almost mesmerising. 

There’s a compression to the image that seems to suck you, the viewer, into it that I find quite hypnotic. The colours and the light also just work

I’ve had a lot of family and friends say they love this photo. I have to admit to finding myself looking at it for longer than you would expect.

The technical details

  • Camera: Canon EOS M50
  • Lens: Canon EF-M 15-45mm
  • Exposure: ƒ/5 | 1/160 | 27 mm | ISO100

Thanks for checking out my Friday photo.



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