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Grammar Schools Should Be Abolished

You may realise by now that I have some strong views on education and the ways schools are run in general. I take a dim view of the way the Department for Education operates and with that a dim view of how some school operate. But, I can’t stand the fact that state-funded grammar school still […]

Guiding Your Kids to School Success

Every parent wants to see their child do well at school, right? Every parents wants their child to fulfil their educational potential in order to set themselves up for whatever it is that comes after, right? Yes, this is right, but what is wrong is parents wanting this but doing nothing about it. What is […]

Teaching Fish To Climb Trees

Albert Einstein once said: “If you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will its life believing its stupid.” Never a truer word spoken in my view and precisley what is wrong with school education in the UK right now. The government, specifically the Department for Education, cross-hairs and trained firmly […]

What’s Happening in Schools

I’m 37. It’s 21 years since I left school and started my first job. I suppose my memory of what school, especially secondary school, was like is somewhat eroded and I have the advantage of being able to look back with with somewhat rose-tinted glasses. I’ve not really had too much cause to look back […]

Labour pledges infant class size cap

Labour pledges infant class size cap I find this an incredulous promise from a political party who seem to be promising to deliver a lot that they failed to deliver when they were last in government. My opinion is that class sizes aren’t the issue – failing apps are the issue. We moved from an […]