Yorkshire Marathon Training: Week 3 – Friday – An Impromptu Rest Day

I don’t usually write about my rest days as there isn’t usually much to say about them from a running point of view. However, today I am breaking that habit by writing about this impromptu and unplanned rest day.

If you’ve been reading my recent blogs closely (and not just looking at the pictures) then you will know that I’ve been having some issues with my left ankle. Well, last night I had a session with the foam roller on my legs and paid particular attention to my lower left leg. This was in the hope that it would help to ease the issues going on there.

This morning I woke with my alarm and I immediately could feel soreness in my left ankle. Short of having sleep-run a half marathon I knew it must be as a result of the rolling. I resolved that I must take a day off running.

Instead, I pulled on my Meindl walking boots and tightly laced them up to give my ankles all the support offered and set off for a nice walk through the fields with the dogs. I didn’t feel any issues with the ankle, thankfully.

Sometimes we really do just need to listen to our bodies. Take a rest day, whether it be part of your training plan or just because you feel you need one. I understand that you can feel some sort of guilt but honestly, what does it matter?

I am an amateur runner who runs purely because I enjoy it. I’m not competing for podium places or prizes so taking a day off really doesn’t matter to me and it should matter to anyone else either.

This week I’ve had the most amazing time running in the Snowdonian mountain area of North Wales and I am thankful that I can do that. I am thankful that my body allows me to do this considering I have rheumatoid arthritis.

I’m mixing up the long run this weekend by doing it on Saturday afternoon rather than Sunday morning. Helen isn’t working Sunday so it will be nice to have a lie-in and not have anything to do (apart from a tip run – there’s always a blooming tip run!).

My plan says 16 miles this weekend and I’ve mapped out a glorious loop route on the North York Moors that is just that distance. I can’t wait to do it now, providing my ankle doesn’t flare up. I’ll need to pack some kit just in case I get into trouble – just as I did when I ran up Snowdon a couple of weeks ago. It’s always best to be prepared.

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