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2018 In Pictures

I know, I know there’s still a couple of weeks of the year left but I just couldn’t wait to review my photos from 2018. I find choosing favorite photos really difficult, so instead I’ve chosen to pick a photo from each month that tells the story of my 2018.


January is pantomime month for us. On the last day the dance teams get together between performances at a local Italian restaurant for a meal. It’s always lovely to see them having that team spirit between them. 

2018 In Pictures - January - The Yorkshire Dad of 4


I can’t remember a Winter where we had a good snowfall in December, January and February. I have hundreds of snow photos but chose this one overlooking Kirkbymoorside in North Yorkshire.

2018 In Pictures - February - The Yorkshire Dad of 4


Dance festivals happen 3 times each year for us. This shot is from Tadcaster where Verity, with a fire in her belly, won her novice character section! Such a proud parent moment.

2018 In Pictures - March - The Yorkshire Dad of 4


April saw the start of a period of good weather such that I can’t remember a summer like it. We were out walking the dogs and trekking through rivers. Duke loves water and sticks I eventually capture a shot of him I’d had in mind for some time.

2018 In Pictures - April - The Yorkshire Dad of 4


May is a busy month for me with the Kirkbymoorside 10k taking place. I took some time out and ran up a big hill. The hill was, in fact, Rosebury Topping on the northern edge of the North York Moors National Park. It’s a hill I’ve long admired and wanted to run up (and down).

2018 In Pictures - May - The Yorkshire Dad of 4


Spring Bank half terms means the last dance festival of the academic year for our girls. This one was even more special as the dance school put on a production number from La Fille ma Garde – a cut down version of what they did in the showcase back in March. All four of our girls were in this.

2018 In Pictures - June - The Yorkshire Dad of 4


Ah summer, you were wonderful. This show from Gormire Lake is bittersweet. One the one hand it was a beautiful, hot summers day and we enjoyed the lake and a walk around it. However, Grace cut her foot open in the water and it quickly turned into a nightmare.

2018 In Pictures - July - The Yorkshire Dad of 4


A family day out at Lightwater Valley was the highlight of the month. All the girls were big enough to go on all the rides. V ducked out of the Claw but 3 of my children are in this photo – somewhere!

2018 In Pictures - August - The Yorkshire Dad of 4


How could it not be a photo from our fantastic family holiday to Kos? I have so many wonderful memories and photos from that week, but I picked this one of my girls during a day away from the rest of the family, enjoying lunch in Tigaki.

2018 In Pictures - September - The Yorkshire Dad of 4


Autumn arrived and we took a trip to Saltburn-by-the-Sea for some fresh air. It was a lovely place and I got a shot I’d long envisaged of the pier there.

2018 In Pictures - October - The Yorkshire Dad of 4


November saw me suddenly try my hand at astrophotography. I capture this shot on a hill in the North York Moors closes to Hutton-le-Hole.

2018 In Pictures - November - The Yorkshire Dad of 4


And then it was December. The start this months sees un carrying out the tradition of visiting Santa at a the church in the village I grew up in. Always a lovely time.

2018 In Pictures - December - The Yorkshire Dad of 4

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  1. These are a lovely look back selection of photos. Love the stars one and the one of Duke. How nice that all your girls enjoy dance. #myphotofriday

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