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4 Little Things To Support Your Pregnant Wife

As a father of four children, I think I know a little bit about supporting a pregnant wife, after all, I’ve done it four times over. Here are my 4 little things you can do to support your pregnant wife.

Expecting a child is one of the most magical moments of your couple’s life. For you, it’s the chance to become a father. For your partner, becoming a mother will be the beginning of a new adventure. However, before motherhood begins there’s a long and exhausting period that starts for your wife or girlfriend: the pregnancy. With every day that passes, she’ll grow heavier and more exhausted, as the baby grows inside her womb. Whether it’s your first child together or not, it’s your responsibility as a father-to-be to support her as best you can during the pregnancy and after the birth. After all, it takes two to have a child, so it’s only fair that you do your bit too!   

1. Take care of the home

Even though you may have a hard and long day at work, but it doesn’t mean you can’t help at home. You can help to transform your house for the new baby, by adding a cover to your conservatory windows, for instance, to protect the privacy of your family. You can also manage the most significant improvement and renovation work in the future nursery room, from mounting furniture to painting the ceiling. While your pregnant partner will probably still be very active, you need to avoid putting too much physical pressure on her, from carrying heavy items to climbing a ladder.

2. Help her to get comfortable

As a woman’s body changes through pregnancy, she will find it difficult to sleep at night. Ultimately, it’s easy to see why: you probably couldn’t sleep if you had a baby putting pressure on your internal organs when you’re lying down. You can’t ease the discomfort, but you can certainly help with a maternity pillow – check this page to view range. Similarly, if she complains about heavy legs, you can also look for foot support to stimulate blood flow.  These may not seem like romantic presents, but they will change her life!

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3. Help out with the other kids

If you already have children together, make it clear to your kids that the whole family should stick together and help out. Household chores can be shared between yourself and older children, for instance, while the younger ones promise to behave and play quietly. Another great tip is to get the kids involved in preparation for their future little brother or sister. Depending on their age, they may be too young to paint walls, but there’s a lot they can do!

4. Make sure you’ve practised the emergency route

Last, but not least, as the due date approaches, it can be helpful for you to know about the various stages of labour, and possible complications, so that you can be there for her when she needs you. You may also want to practise the drive to the nearest hospital, so that you can be sure to get her in time at the first sign of intense contractions or when the waters break. Help her to relax and time the contractions; contractions that are not close together indicate that she’s not yet ready to give birth.

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Remember that even though she’s the one getting pregnant, you both have responsibilities during this period. Your role, as a dad-to-be, is to keep her and your family safe and relaxed during this stressful time.

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