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5 Reasons to Become a Delivery Driver

When you work for yourself, there will undoubtedly be times where your income drops. If you find that happens more often than not, it makes sense to do something else that offers a more steady income.

Did you know that being a self-employed delivery driver offers a more steady income stream? Plus, it’s something you can also do part-time if you want to do something else alongside it. Still not convinced? Then check out these five reasons:

1. You’ll Never Run Out of Work

Perhaps the biggest draw to becoming a delivery driver is how you’ll never run out of work. Each day, thousands of individuals and businesses want goods moved from one location to another.

Delivery work is also a recession-proof niche, so even during times of economic strife, you’ll still be earning money from your work. Plus, being self-employed means you have the freedom to gain delivery work from multiple sources for an added financial peace of mind.

2. It’s Easier Than You Think

Some people assume that delivery work is a specialist niche. The truth is, virtually anyone can become a delivery driver. All you need is a suitable delivery vehicle (i.e., a large van), the right insurance coverage, and basic training on how to lift heavy loads.

You don’t need to go on any lengthy and expensive training courses to become a self-employed delivery driver. You’ll often have help lifting items in and out of your van so it’s a job that you can do alone.

3. Sources of Work Are Limitless

Where exactly does a delivery driver get work? The great thing about this line of work is you’ve got several options. For example, you could work exclusively for one transport company, albeit on a self-employed basis.

Or, you could ‘bid’ on jobs through websites like Shiply, allowing you to pick and choose what work to do at your convenience. Some delivery drivers even work part-time for a transport company and offer “man with van” services in their free time.

4. Each Day Is Different

People who work in offices hate how today is almost identical to yesterday, and the day before that! If you hate the monotony of everyday work life, you’ll enjoy being a delivery driver. That’s because each day is different, and you’ll always socialise with other people.

For example, you could be delivering a couple of pallets of food one day and transporting a vintage motorcycle the next. Plus, each day will come with different challenges to stop your mind from stalling due to boredom!

5. You’ll Discover New Parts of the Country

If you hate seldom having the opportunity to explore the country, delivery driving work is the right option for you. It’s an exciting way to discover new places and learn more about the country.

You may even come across ‘hidden gems’ on your travels – areas of outstanding natural beauty, quaint villages, and more. What’s more, you’ll even rediscover your love of driving. So, when will you put some plans into place and become a self-employed delivery driver?

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