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Favourite Photos – January 2021 – Family

Following my favourite landscapes photos from January 2021, I’m following it up with my favourite family photos from the same month. Follow my girls around with a camera is a habit of mine so I’m bound to have photos in plentiful supply.

The headshots

Young actors headshot | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Delilah was auditioning for Stagebox in January and I thought Helen had asked me to get some new headshots of her for this purpose. It turns out they weren’t needed for the audition process after all but these shots will come in useful I’m sure.

I don’t setup up a studio environment much any more, but it was nice to get the kit out and shoot some great headshots for Delilah.

Red hair, don’t care

Red heair don't care | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Behold! Red hair. I’m not sure this would class as a “natural hair colour” as per school’s policy on such matters but, to quote Clarke Gable, frankly (my dear) I don’t give a damn.

I am not anti-uniform or anti-policy but when it comes to the choice of hair colour for a 16-year-old girl then I am happy to let them express themselves. Plus, it makes for a grey natural light portrait!

The pink fluffy hood

Fluffy hood | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

I love Verity’s coast and I love it when she wears her hood up simply because it makes for a great photo opportunity.

We’ve certainly been on plenty of family walks so far this year – it’s about the only thing we can do as a family out of the house.

More fun in the snow

I promised them snow and I delivered. Well, OK, nature delivered but I had to get them to it. Snow in January evaded our small town, but a (very) short drive meant we got to play in the white stuff.

It’s me!

Me! | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

While I was shooting Delilah’s headshots she insisted on turning the tables and her photographing me. I think she did a great job.

Next up, look out for my favorite shots of the dogs from January 2021…

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