Am I Still A YouTuber?

You may or may not know that I also have a YouTube channel. To be honest The Yorkshire Dad channel came before the blog, even though I’ve blogged for quite some time I never really focused on the written word. I then changed my Instagram name to match and my on-line persona grew. I was watching lots of vlogs and enjoyed making my own, but there was a problem.


Making videos takes time. Shooting the footage of daily activities is the easy bit but cutting it together and editing it is what takes the time. And like anything I do I like to do it well. I found I was spending time in the evenings editing the vlogs when I should have been spending time with the children and Helen. It was a real juxtaposition (or is it an oxymoron?) as I was showing to the world this great family we have and what we do together and me, hopefully, being a great Dad then not actually being that great because I was glued to the laptop putting together these videos.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the vlogging and video editing but I love my family more and I won’t get these evenings back with them. We are a busy lot and that is also a factor, the irony of being able to vlog our busy lives but not have the time to edit those vlogs. I think that’s why I transitioned over to Instagram and their stories as I could still put content out there in a similar way to vlogging but with much less effort.

I’m not one of these people who believes in burning the candle at both ends. Staying up past midnight to edit vlogs is not me and never will be. No disrespect to those that do that but I have better things to be doing.

The Best Bits

I think once spring comes around I might make the odd movie, not necessarily a vlog. I enjoyed making short films like this one about my running with Duke…

Of course, once the summer holidays come around and I am taking the girls on our micro-adventures I am sure to be making a few more short films like when we went wild swimming at a waterfall in the North York Moors…

Maybe I am a fair-weather vlogger (or YouTuber)? I was never on YouTube for monetary gain, I admit I did monetise my videos (I can’t now as my channel doesn’t quality since they moved the goal posts) as you never know if one went viral I might just make some money that could have paid some debts or sent us on holiday.

Am I Still A YouTuber?

Despite not uploading I am still getting views on my videos. In the last 28 days I’ve had over 450 views and a watch time of over 840 minutes. Considering I have 186 videos (not all public by the way) I think that’s pretty good considering I’m not uploading anything new.

So, am I still a YouTuber? I would say I am, I’m just on a hiatus at the moment. My last upload was the 23rd October 2017, that’s 107 days. So I am on a winter break, I’ll be back in the Spring!

Are you on YouTube? Let me know in the comments as I’d love to check out other small channels.

Thanks for reading.

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