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Stop Holding Your Photos Hostage

It’s no secret I take a lot of photos, I mean A LOT! Collectively we have around 100,000 photos from our 20 years together. Let that number sink in a little – one hundred thousand. But as much as I love taking and editing photos, and often getting lost in browsing our collection I always feel sad.

That’s because I love printed photos. I do miss getting back that envelope of photos from the chemist to check out what beauties you had captured weeks before. Yes, digital makes everything instant and of course, camera phones have really turned photos into something you look at on a screen and not in your hand or on the wall.

But we still love our framed photos and the bigger the better. That’s why today was so great because we got our photos delivered from Turprint and it was time to update the big frames and put together our new photo wall.

photo prints

What really makes me smile when we put new prints into the frames is seeing all the previous prints behind the one on display. This was always something my parents did and I’ve just copied over the years. Even though the photos that slip out are ones we’ve seen a thousand times it’s still so lovely to look at them. Delilah was particular impressed with the collection in her frame.

So, stop holding you photos hostage inside your computers and smartphones and get them printed!

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