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Back to the Rheumatology Nurse

It’s been a while since I’ve seen anyone about my rheumatoid arthritis, my last appointment was with my consultant who seemed happy I was doing fine. At that time she also reduced my weekly medication as my inflammation wasn’t even traceable in my blood tests. It was a good time, considering I have an incurable chronic illness.

My appointment today was with the rheumatology nurse rather than my consultant and I was keen to see her. My knee trouble is still there, although it’s manageable and nowhere near as bad as it got. Despite my GP, physiotherapist and osteopath believing the issue musculoskeletal and not RA related I have had that seed of doubt.

When I was diagnosed over two and a half years ago I had x-rays taken of key joints as a baseline. I remember my hands and feet were done but can’t recall my knees being x-rayed. I was keen to discuss this knee issue with the nurse in the hope that she might be able to get an x-ray done – just so we can see what’s going on in there.

Surprise in my Blood Results

Because I take methotrexate I have to have my bloods monitored, this means blood tests every two months. I have had a few call-backs for re-tests because of low white cell count but not on my most recent test. However the nurse specialist today was a little concerned about my white cell count in conjunction with another count (can’t remember this one – I really should take notes). They aren’t massively below range but enough to warrant a re-test in two weeks. 

I could worry about this or I could just crack on with life, so that’s what I’ll do. I think, if they are still low, then I will have to stop taking methotrexate for a couple of weeks, which isn’t so bad.

No Knee X-Ray

I mentioned the knee. I wish I hadn’t. The nurse went on and on and most of what she was saying I already knew but I really couldn’t get a word in. She suggested two day rest between runs – she really doesn’t know me does she?! I shall take some of her advice about icing the knee immediately after a run and maybe using ibuprofen gel on it too. The main thing was that she didn’t think it was RA related either.

It turns out she can’t order x-rays, so suggested if I was really concerned to ask my GP. If it doesn’t clear up I will be asking him.

Back in Three Months

So that was it. 50 minute drive each way for a 20 minute appointment. I will be back in 3 months and hopefully my bloods will be back to normal and my knee will no longer be an issue.


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