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Cake- A Slice Off The Internet

In this day and age of internet shopping, it’s not unusual to order anything from a website anymore. However, ordering a specially made cake from Sponge was a new experience for me. I suspect I am no different to many others who haven’t yet experience ordering a cake from the internet. Here’s how it turned out for me.

cake sponge.co.ukI first became aware of Sponge when my wife suggested that I may like to get her birthday cake from them last year. Sadly, for me, I completely forgot; not only to get the cake from Sponge but to get a cake of any description! But, in marriage, when you make a fatal error you learn quickly so I vowed that come Mother’s Day I would surprise her with the cake she wanted.

Fantastic Choice

The first thing that surprised me on visiting their site is the range of cakes they have to choose from. Frankly, it’s mind-blowing how much choice there is and you can quickly find yourself second-guessing the choices you have made – or you could if you hadn’t been given a particular brief. It’s great to see them offering a gluten-free choice too for those that require it.

cake sponge choice
Source: sponge.co.uk

But, as I said, I had a brief. That brief was to buy one of the sharing sponges. The concept of these is quite brilliant; rather than for sharing I think they are targeted at those that want to sample a bit of each flavour (i.e. me!).

The Super Sharing Cake

I can be a very indecisive person when it comes to cake. This is quite irrational but it’s not the fear of not liking my choice, it’s the fear of missing out on something better. Can you imagine if I applied this logic to other areas of life?

cake sponge super sharing
Source: sponge.co.uk

This is why love the concept of the super sharing cake. It has 14 fantastic slices of individually flavoured cake; carrot, Bakewell, chocolate, Victoria, lemon, coffee, caramel & peanut, cookies & cream, red velvet, sticky toffee, rocky road, millionaires, apple crumble and chocolate orange. That’s a phenomenal selection fo cake flavours if ever I’ve seen one. Of course, I’m buying it for my wife and I shall be very lucky to be able to try a slice!

The Ordering Process

Sponge state that orders placed before 2pm are despatched and delivered the very next day. And I certainly put that promise to the test as I placed my order at 1.45pm. The email updates are great too:

Order confirmation

cake sponge order confirmed

The order was confirmed immediately – but yeah, sure this was an automated email.

In the bakery

cake sponge in bakery

The cake made it to their bakery. This email came in at 2.25pm – just 40 minutes after I placed my order.

cake sponge despatched

Just over 3 hours after I placed my order (or rather my wife’s) it was dispatched and on it’s way to me.


The cake arrived with me by 10am the very next morning. That’s pretty good service if you ask me.

sponge cake box

It was in a Sponge branded box and well packed too. I always wonder with couriers how much notice they take of the “this way up” signs on parcels but in this case, they certainly did as the cake was perfect. Once opened there were some Sponge napkins, a nice touch, and one perfect cake.

sponge cake napkins sponge cake


Happy Customer

Of course, I was not to be the true recipient of this cake – my wife was. And she was surprised on Mother’s Day to receive the cake she asked for months ago and was over the moon about it. I can’t say it really earned me any brownie points given it took me so long but it made me happy to see her happy.

sponge cake recipient

The Cake

I have to admit that the cake looks pretty impressive and we were all drooling over it in the hope that some sharing (as the name suggests) would be going on. Helen did indeed share some pieces with us. It was very tasty but, if I am being totally honest not the best coffee cake (my slice of choice) I’ve ever had. 

sponge cake

The girls had a piece each and they seemed to enjoy it – but don’t kid’s always enjoy a piece of cake anyway?

Final Thoughts

At Β£27.99 (including delivery) this was not a cheap cake. We’ve paid more for completely bespoke cakes but this isn’t bespoke as such. I don’t begrudge paying for quality items and this does come across as a premium product and their systems and service were outstanding. For me the cake could have been a bit better tasting to match it’s visual impact.

Thanks for reading.

Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored by Sponge.co.uk in any way at all. It has been written as an independent review of their services from my own first-time experience ordering from them.


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