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The Cookery School at the Grand, York

If you follow me on social media, specifically Instagram, then you will probably have noticed that I enjoy food. More specifically, I enjoy cooking food. However, I have never had any formal instruction in cookery. I know, hard to believe, isn’t it! So, when The Cookery School at The Grand York got in touch and invited me […]

Jamie Oliver Wants 2 for 1 Pizza Banned

This is now going to be my third post related one of Jamie Oliver’s campaigns forllowing A Parent’s View On The Sugar Tax and About The Pointless Sugar Tax. I don’t mean to go on about him, but he’s rally starting to get on my wick now! What’s Jamie Oliver Done Wrong? Read my posts (linked above) about […]

sponge cake mothers day

Cake- A Slice Off The Internet

In this day and age of internet shopping, it’s not unusual to order anything from a website anymore. However, ordering a specially made cake from Sponge was a new experience for me. I suspect I am no different to many others who haven’t yet experience ordering a cake from the internet. Here’s how it turned […]