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Car Insurance – Back to the Future

I have just renewed my car insurance and, to be perfectly honest, I am cockahoop about it. You see, I’ve just passed a life milestone that I mentally set back when I was 18 years old!

Back when I was an 18-year-old I hadn’t been driving very long. It had taken me 4 attempts to pass my driving test and when I did eventually get my license I shared my Dad’s car with him. Eventually, I bought my own car.

My Vauxhall Nova Club 1.2 was my pride and joy. That little bucket of rust represented my freedom to go wherever I wished and whenever I wanted. Okay, maybe not wherever I wish but you get my point.

Vauxhall Nova Club | The Yorkshire Dad of 4
Not an actual photo of my first car – but it was exactly like this one

The downside to being 18 and buying a 10-year-old vehicle for £600 was that the car insurance was about double that amount! But I didn’t care, it was a price worth paying.

It was while I was having a drink at my local bar (it was a Working Man’s Club if you must know) and I was talking with an old chap that my Dad knew, that I set my mental milestone. We got talking about my new car and particularly the insurance.

He was stunned by how much it was costing me to insure that Nova. He also drove a Nova and he only paid £250 for the year – fully comprehensive. Whereas my astronomical amount was for third party fire and theft only.

I remember thinking about how old I might be when my insurance was only £250 for a year of fully comprehensive cover. Given that the chap I was talking to was drawing his pension I assumed it would be some decades later.

Well here were are in 2020. I am approaching 40-years-old and I have just renewed my car insurance on my Kia Sorento 4×4 and my annual fee is just…


Kia Sorento | The Yorkshire Dad of 4
My current car – a Kia Sorento

Now, I had to haggle a bit to get is this low, but I am good at that. My insurers sent my renewal and were “pleased to tell me” that my renewal was lower than the previous year’s price – £373.

Nope. Not having that. Especially as showed MY INSURER could do it for £273. Naturally, I called them to let them know my feelings on this matter.

After a brief chat, the adviser went away to get me a better quote – and a better quote he delivered. I wasn’t really expecting it to come in at just over £200 but I have to admit I was extremely pleased.

In fact, if finances were marginally better I could have paid for the year in one lump rather than a monthly Direct Debit. That’s my next milestone!

So, to all those youngsters out there bemoaning the huge amount they have to pay for car insurance – it’s get’s better. All you need is 22 years of driving experience and no claims!

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