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The 3 Best Car Types For Family Cars

What car type is the most suitable for a family car? Certain cars are made and designed to be more practical for daily family use than others. For example, could you see your family having much success with a sports car or supercar? You definitely couldn’t, so what car types are the best ones to look at when buying your next family car?

Well, you can narrow it down to three different types, and here they are:


Saloon cars are midsize cars that are almost specifically designed for families. They feature five doors, five seats, and plenty of space in the back for a boot. That’s one thing that a lot of smaller cars lack; they have space up front, but there’s never enough room in the boot for family shopping. 

The great thing about saloons is that there are loads of great options available, and they are perfectly sized. Some can be rather big, but you can easily get a small Jaguar car or a smallish Audi in this category. Therefore, they are easy for you to drive, making life so much easier for everyone in the car.  If you’re buying used, you can hire a Car AC Repair if yours isn’t up to par.


In terms of size, a hatchback is typically a smidge smaller than a saloon. However, they feature a large rear door giving access to a decently sized boot area. This car type is actually the most popular around, and both Ford and Volkswagen have highly popular family cars in this category, like the Focus and the Golf. 

Hatchbacks are ideal for small families that don’t need a huge amount of space. They are also better suited to city driving or driving around narrower roads. These cars are very easy for you to handle and drive, meaning there’s never going to be an issue while parking. If you have a family of four and want something smaller than a saloon, the hatchback is your best option. 


Finally, we have a larger option for the larger families. SUVs are designed to give you a great blend of comfort, drivability, space and safety. They are often big enough for an extra couple of seats in the back, making them an option for larger families. They can also provide more than enough room in the boot for all of your shopping and other materials. 

A lot of families opt for SUVs because of the extra space you get, but also because of the safety improvements. As a larger car, you will always be safer than you would be in smaller car types. Again, many of the highest-rated family cars fall into this category, like the Volvo XC40 and Peugeot 3008

If you are looking for a new family car, consider vehicles that fall into any of these three categories. For small families, hatchbacks are arguably the best, while SUVs take the lead for larger ones that need more space. The saloon car is a perfect blend between the two, but it all comes down to your preferences and your budget. Always be sure to shop around so you can get the best deal for your family. 

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