I don’t like Halloween but…

Halloween isn’t really my thing. Certainly, when I was a kid it wasn’t as big a deal in the UK as it is now. Of course, it’s been driven to what it is by commercialism and somehow trying to recreate what it is across the Atlantic in the US and Canada. But, I like to see the kids having fun.

One thing that Halloween does for me is the inspiration for a good photo. I suppose it’s the mood that Halloween creates that makes for a good photo.

I didn’t wonder if any of the girls would want to go out trick or treating at all this year. Little had been said apart from some sketchy plans to meet friends. The plans firmed up when they told us that costumes had been sorted. Then on the day itself, at 1pm, Delilah announces she can’t find her costume.

It turns out she’d not actually looked for it. It was nothing more than a concept in her head.

Helen to the rescue…

Thanks to dance we have a plethora of costumes – or at least items that can be turned into costumes. In no time she had Delilah sorted as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. Verity was a generic badass!

Once makeup had been applied I had an idea for a photo.

How many parents would head out trick or treating with a camera, 3 lenses, two speedlights and wireless triggers? Oh, just me then.

Our little town has a plethora of snickets (or alley/ginnel if you prefer) and it was a snicket I required for my vision. I just happened to choose the one nearest our house (which was fortunate as it started raining a little later).

So the shot I had in my head is the one above. I placed a speedlight behind the girls and I hand held another to get it off-camera a little. I could have played around with this shot for an hour – but we didn’t have an hour.

Given my rushed thoughts and planning on this concept I am rather pleased with how the photo turned out. Delilah’s evil Dorothy is spooking me out as I look at it now.

I also grabbed some headshot portraits too.

Verity looked quite evil with Helen’s great makeup and the lighting.

My favourite shot of Delilah was actually taken before we went outside. She was touching up her makeup in the mirror in our hallway and I was trying to grab a candid shot. Delilah has a radar for cameras and just fell into this perfect pose.

I am using my camera daily now (not my iPhone) and really pushing myself to take more photos and try new things (or old things I haven’t done in a while). As I try to build up my photography business it’s essential I keep my tools sharp.

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