Common Electric Gate Problems & How To Avoid Them

When the time comes to replace your entrance gates, you will no doubt be looking for an automated solution and with custom-made electric gates, this will be a major frontal feature of the property. As you would expect with such a complex system, there can be issues with electric gates and here are a few of the common problems that can occur with electric gates.

Obstacles On The Tracking

If, for example, garden vegetation clogs up the tracking, this could cause a strain to be put on the electric motor (the most expensive component). Any obstacle should be removed and running a soft broom along the track should suffice. Donโ€™t remove grease, as this is essential for smooth operation and check often to see there are no obstructions. Some side opening gates also have a ground track, and this should be kept clean and free from debris.

Remote Control Issues

If the remote unit gets wet, it might cease working and if the battery is dead, you will need to replace it. Luckily, itโ€™s easy to get a reputable sliding electric driveway gates manufacturer who can inspect and service the unit at regular intervals. The remote unit needs to be configured to the correct wavelength to operate the gates, which the technician can easily do.

Loud Noises

If the sliding electric gates cause a grinding sound, this could be due to a motor problem, especially if there is a higher-than-normal pitch on the electric motor, which is a sign that the motor is struggling to operate. Indeed, you should be on the lookout for any strange sounds coming from the gates, which should operate smoothly and relatively silently.

Manual Mode

You might never have to use the crank handle to open the gates manually (normally reserved for a power outage), but it is a good idea to turn off the power, remove the cotter pin and manually open the gates every month or so. This keeps everything moving and there is less risk of a malfunction due to inactivity. Check with the product manual for full instructions on how to manually operate the gates and if you ever need to open the gates during a power outage, you can.

Temporary Failure

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This can happen when insects or vegetation blocks the beam of infrared light that enables the gates to move. Once a week, you should check the two points where the sensors are located and remove any obstruction and if you want to test the safety system, simply stand on the track while the gate is in motion, and it should stop immediately when the beam is interrupted.

If you are looking to have electric gates installed at the entrance to your home, search online for a leading custom gate supplier and let them send a technician to your home, where you can both sit down and discuss the many design options and you can receive a quote for the preferred design. Once the gates are installed, the supplier would be happy to carry out regular maintenance, which is essential if you want the unit to remain in good working order.

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