A Lumpy Trail Tuesday

They were supposed to be easy miles…

Note to self: choose a flatter route for easy miles.

Actually, I really enjoyed this run. The weather was perfect and the scenery was awesome. Running in Yorkshire really is the best.

My goals for today’s run were:

  • Run for at least 60 minutes
  • Run mostly off-road

Mission accomplished!

My right glute is playing up and as I switch off my 6am alarm I did the internal systems check any runner does when they wake up. You know the one where you mentally move around your own body assessing its condition and detecting any issues.

Nothing much to report other than some twinges in the aforementioned glute and may the lower back on the same side.

Will it stop me from getting up for a run?

No, it shouldn’t.

That didn’t stop my sloth-like inner voice from trying to convince me to stay in bed.

Thankfully my athletic inner voice won over and I got out of bed.

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