Dads Do Make-up Too

How many Dads are out there that would willingly do their daughters make-up? I suspect not many. Well here’s one dad who has learnt to do it and does do it.

Of course I’m not talking about whacking on the blusher before school everyday like one of our teenage daughters does. No, I am talking about the stage make-up our 7 and 9 years old girls are required to have for the pantomime they are in and also when they do dance competitions (oh and dance school showcase too).

I have to admit to been slightly daunted when I fist had a go and getting those black eye flicks even was (and still is) a great cause of frustration. Applying make-up doesn’t come naturally to me and it’s not something I wear myself. But I have found I actually enjoy it.

Not just satisfied at following stringent instructions from Helen and applying the make-up in a specific order I am actually paying attention to what I am applying. Brands, colours, how good it applied compared to other product. What has happened to me? It’s a bit like the fact I have learnt to do their ballet buns for dance when Helen is not around – again, something I actually enjoy. Doing my daughters’ hair is actually quite a cathartic process for me.

Like anything I do I try to do it to the best of my ability and actively try and get better at it. I Google the heck out of it and YouTube is a great source of tutorials too. I did do a some videos on my YouTube channel about this once too.

This one is when I was first being taught to do the make up.

This one is when I tried to do a tutorial for dads on how to do a ballet bun.

Some come on Dance Dads – let have you stories of doing hair and make-up.

Thanks for reading.


5 thoughts on “Dads Do Make-up Too”

  1. It’s great that you’re up for doing this, I don’t see why more dads don’t do it. I’ll be up for it when Isabelle is older, heck she can even try it on me if she wants!

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