running with the big kid

Running with the big kid

I went for a run on Sunday. It was in the afternoon and the heat was stifling so I didn’t take the dog with me. Instead, I took my eldest daughter, Lydia. 

I didn’t start running until I was 31 and I fell in love with it. Since then I’ve often looked back on my school days and wished I’d found this love back then. So, it’s only natural I try to convince my girls that running is a sport for all and something they can do.

Of course, during term-time, they are either at school or dance class and this leaves them little time for anything else other than chilling out. But now it’s the school holidays I’m going to try and get them out running at least once per week. My excuse is that their dance teachers have asked them to stay fit over the summer and to keep up with their stretches.

Lydia does go out for the odd run every now and again by herself. I’m not sure how far she goes or how often shes stops to walk, so I decided to test her a little. I took her on one of my favourite 5 (ish) mile off-road routes. Yes, there were a couple of mild inclines (she liked to call them hills for some reason), but nothing major.

running with the big kid

I will say this, she tested my patience. I think she possibly managed to complain about a pain in every major joint in her body throughout the hour or so we were out. But, I wanted to ignore anything negative and focus on the positive. So, I kept telling her she was doing great and when she ran for a good section I would offer praise and positive comments.

But, boy-oh-boy, are all teenagers so negative and self-derisory? We really need to work on altering her state of mind to one that sees positivity in what she does and have that can do attitude I know lurks inside her. Hopefully, that will be the first of many runs with her Dad, and one day she will be whipping my but!

Just in case she happens to be reading this I will say: well done – you did great. I mean that kiddo!


3 thoughts on “Running with the big kid”

  1. It is amazing how negative teenagers can be, no matter how they have been brought up, itโ€™s as if there is a negativity hormone which kicks in when they reach their teenage years! Great to read a dad wanting to do something active with his daughters โ€“ well done #TriumphantTales

  2. I’d have loved to have shared a hobby with a parent! Fingers crossed she comes back on another run with you!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week!

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