decorating a child's bedroom

Decorating Your Kids’ Bedroom

Decorating a child’s bedroom is a chance to let your imagination run wild. Your kids may already have ideas that they want to include dependant on their age, but you may still be able to suggest some of your own cool touches. Some of these could be fun and practical. Here are just a few décor ideas for creating the ultimate kids’ bedroom.

Choose a theme

Your first step is to choose a theme. This could be an interest such as their favourite Disney film. Alternatively it could be a theme such as outer space or unicorns or pirates or mermaids. Be careful of theming the bedroom around a passing fad – they’ll only want to change it again in a few months. If you want to play it safe, avoid themed wallpaper and carpets and stick to things that are easier to replace such as duvet covers, posters, curtains and lampshades. If you want to buy some blinds for your kid’s bedroom, check out Half Price Blinds.

Get colourful

A kids’ bedroom needs to be bright and colourful. Try to stick to a colour scheme that relates to your theme such as sea blue for a pirate or mermaid bedroom. You could keep the walls white and instead focus on coloured furniture. Paints such as Dulux EasyClean are great for kids’ bedrooms as they make stains easily scrubbable.

Buy fun furniture

Keep furniture fun and in keeping with the theme of the room. There are cheap four-poster style princess beds out there and pirate ship shaped beds and all others types of cool beds. Bunk beds are always a fun option if two kids are sharing a bedroom. As for seating consider beanbags and egg chairs. You can find some great kids’ bedroom furniture from Cuckooland and other niche sites. If you’re on a budget, always consider shopping second hand for beds and wardrobes on sites like Gumtree.

decorating a child's bedroom

Introduce some toy storage

You want to encourage your kids to stay tidy. This means having somewhere to keep toys stored away when not being played with. This could be a large basket or plastic tubs or a chest of drawers. You may be able to keep this to a theme such as a treasure chest. You can also consider putting up some shelves to display toys on that are often out to play with. There are even storage solutions out there that hang from the ceiling such as hanging baskets.

Add a touch of magic

A few magical touches can help to make playtime that bit more fun by fuelling your kids’ imagination. There are lots of cool lighting options out there such as lava lamps and space-themed disco balls. You may also want to consider adding a den. This could be an alcove with a canopy over it or a tent which children can hide in and make their own private area. You can even add things hanging from the roof such as swing chairs or hammocks, but make sure that the roof is secure enough to support them.

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