A Snowdonian Vista - My Sunday Photo - The Yorkshire Dad of 4

A Snowdonian Vista

My Sunday photo this week is one I think about a lot. During our holiday there in 2011, I made this shot of a valley in Snowdonia. I’m calling it – A Snowdonian Vista. I remember the day I made it. We were driving around the mountain road, up and down the valleys and taking in […]

Running in the Dark

If you’re a runner the chances are that winter is your least favourite time of year. But likewise, if you’re a runner you go out no matter the weather. But in winter it’s not just the weather you have to contend with. We all lead busy lives and sometimes you simply can’t get out for […]

Great Shows To Watch This Autumn - The Yorkshire Dad of Four

Great Shows To Watch This Autumn

Now that we are well and truly into autumn, you will have certainly noticed that the nights are darker and the weather outside is a whole lot colder than what it has been. You probably won’t want to spend too much time outside anymore, so what better way to spend your evenings than by snuggling […]

My Sunday Photo Fields of Gold

My Sunday Photo: Fields of Gold

Fields of Gold – My Sunday Photo for 5th August 2018 Living in the countryside for the last four years has turned us into the farming cycle. Without even seeing a combine harvester I knew that the harvest was starting this July. This field, looking south from the edge of the North York Moors, is one I […]

The Countryside Code

The countryside code is one of those things I remember from my school days that I still, to this day, remember and use. These things aren’t usually anything to do with core education like maths and English though. Living and working on the edge of the North York Moors National Park, being a dog owner […]