toasted currant teacake

Memories of a Toasted Currant Teacake

Isn’t it intriguing how a seemingly insignificant item can act as a catalyst, unravelling memories from the recesses of our minds, and vividly resurrecting experiences as though we are reliving them in the present moment? This enchanting phenomenon unfolds for me each time I savour a toasted currant teacake. Gazing at my breakfast, a toasted […]

Tom Cruise meets the Yorkshire Dad of 4

Mission: Impossible – Meeting Tom Cruise

A-list celebrities don’t come much bigger (if at all) than Tom Cruise. From Cocktail to Top Gun, Tropic Thunder to Magnolia I have seen so many of his movies. Undoubtably though, it will be the Mission: Impossible franchise for which many people know him these days. According to his Wikepedia filmography page he has been […]

A Safari at Monk Park Farm | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

A Safari at Monk Park Farm

As businesses and visitor attractions slowly start up again following the coronavirus lockdown some places are finding times tough. Monk Park Farm near Thirsk has been hard hit – something many open farms like it have found nationwide. But, they are opening again by diversifying the attraction and allowed people to drive around the park […]

10k A Day in May | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

19 Day. 129 miles. Why?

Some 19 days ago I decided on a whim to run 10k (6.2 miles) every day in May to raise money for Versus Arthritis. Now, as I approach the two-thirds point of the challenge I thought I’d drop a little update. Before I launch into the trials and tribulation of running 10k every day I […]

The pile of shame | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

The Pile of Shame

It is there in the corner of the room. Staring at you. It’s glare burning into the back of your head as you turn to avoid eye contact. There’s no escaping its presence any longer. You have to acknowledge it. The runner’s pile of shame! Though it pains me to admit it, this is something […]

I needed a rest | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

I Needed a Rest

If you happened to read my blog post from yesterday then you will have seen that I was feeling a little jaded. Work, life and trying to jump into a challenging marathon training plan was getting to me a bit. The issue I was having with the plan (apart from simply having to follow one) […]