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Don’t Shoot I’m Just a Runner

Inner demons tried to get the better of me this weekend. Originally I had planned a long run on Saturday morning but I really didn’t feel like running. I could have let this get the better of me, but I didn’t.

I finally pulled on my Soloman Speedcross 4s after lunch and headed out for a few miles. To be honest, I wasn’t planning on a long run as I just didn’t feel like it.

Once I was on the trail something in my head switched.

A 5km became a 5 mile. That 5 miles became a 10k.

It’s very true that once you get going you suddenly forget all about why you didn’t want to run. I certainly did.

I was challenging myself with a developing route that had some brutal uphill sections, mud and technical descents. This wasn’t going be a fast-paced run, that was for sure.

Part of the route I took was along the route the Fadmoor 10k takes. This was to include the rather thigh-sapping final ascent from Sleightholme Dale. However, I spotted sign…

Yes, a sign that read “FOOTPATH TO HOLD CAULDRON”.

Perfect! That’s where I was heading anyway, but this path skirted around the bottom of the hill I should have climbed.

For some time I’d head the distant sound of shotguns. It was the final day of the pheasant shooting season and clearly there was a shoot on near me.

The trouble with the geography of the hills and valleys is that you can’t quite tell exactly where they are. So, I just carried on along the public right of way.

The sound of the guns grew louder and closer. Much closer in fact.

I rounded a bend in the path. To me left was steep woodland and an open field of scrub to my right that led to a river.

I spotted the dogs first, then the man with the shotgun slung over his arm.

“Impressive,” I thought as there were two labs, and black and a fox-red sat perfectly still and focussed. Duke would struggle with that!

The path veered to the left and I decided to stop for a moment as the gunfire was extremely loud. I am quite brazen, my defence was the public right of way I was on and there were no closure or warning signs. However, I didn’t fancy shotgun pellets in my ass.

The guns stopped. I took my chance and set off again.

I ran into a couple of guys (without guns) who were working some dogs in the woods. I assume they were picking up. Then I saw them all – the guns. To my right, in the field, were dozens of folk with shotguns.

There were mutterings about my presence but I just shrugged it off. I could have stopped to argue, but they had guns you know!

Anyway, I was past that little obstacle and on a nice and flat track for a while.

I arrived home after over 2 hours of running and covering almost 13.5 miles. A half marathon and the furthest I’ve run for a while.

I was knackered. I really felt that one.

It’s funny how not being bothered about a run can turn into one of the most enjoyable runs ever. I truly did enjoy that one.

Today was a gentle 3 miles to round of a 25 miles week.

I’ve only run 3 times this week. I lost my mojo a little and thankfully I quickly found it again. No excuses.

If you follow my Instagram you’ll know that I haven’t been feeling great just of late. I won’t say I’m over it, but I’ve decided to focus on other things.

I even offered to shoot someone’s wedding for free next year. Maybe that’s a horse I am ready to get back on and see where it takes me.

Back to the running…

Next week I am hoping to smash a huge week. I’m introducing a new bit of kit that should help with fitting running into our busy schedule.

Thanks for reading.


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