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Change and Progress: The Treadmill

I am the man who refuses to use a gym. This is primarily born from my absolute love of exercising outdoors. A secondary reason is that I am a tight Yorkshireman and the outdoors also happens to the free. This is why I’ve also always been a treadmill denier.

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.
~ George Bernard Shaw

Do not adjust your screen settings, for yes, that photos you see at the top is me on a treadmill. I cannot deny it.

I have succumbed to acquiring one for a few reasons…

Since Helen started her new job (that she loves by the way) it has meant that I can’t get out for my early morning runs as easily. It also means that running of any distance in an evening is also hampered.

So, having a treadmill means I can get the miles in at home. It’s not a replacement to being outdoors, just an addition to the available options.

You may also have read in my recent posts that I am not the greatest lover of speedwork. I do think running with a dog attached to me hampers speedwork anyway, but that’s beside the point.

With a treadmill, I will be able to set a pace that will challenge me. I can either choose to keep up or fly through the patio doors!

Argos had a buy now pay in 12 months deal. So, 12-month interest-free credit and I intend to pay it off in that time.

At times I have been a staunch opponent of treadmill running. But I recognise I need to change my approach. I am not replacing outdoor running at all, I am simply complimenting it.

What model of treadmill did I go for?

I went for the Reebok One GT30, after mulling over a few models.

To be honest I wasn’t willing to spend megabucks on a treadmill but wanted one that ticked the boxes for my needs.

After reading a number of users reviews and the review at Gym Tech Review, I decided this was the one for me.

I did have to giggle at one line in the Gym Tech Review:

The noise that is produced by the GT30 is very low, it ranks as one of the best in terms of noise output in its category. The trade-off is that your maximum speed is a little lower than other treadmills but Reebok have really done an amazing job here.

Yes, the quieter the better as I will be running early in the morning or at night on this thing. But the top speed trade-off? The top speed of this thing is 16kph. This works out at a pace of 3:45 min/km – which I happen to think is quite fast (for me). If I were to run a 3-hour marathon it would require an average pace of 4:15 min/km. No, a top speed of 16 kmh is perfectly fine for my needs.

I shall write a proper review of this treadmill after a few weeks of use. I don’t really have any other treadmill experience to compare it to so it will be very much from an outdoor runner’s perspective.

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