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Easy Ways To Be More Active

An active lifestyle is a great way to keep fit and healthy as a family. Keeping active together is a fun, a good way to spend quality time together, and is a good way to instil good habits in your children. While exercise is important, you don’t want kids to worry about it, or start thinking too much about diet and weight. Instead, by making being active a part of daily life, they’ll appreciate keeping fit as something that makes them feel good.

Make it Fun

If you’re wondering how to get more exercise, one of the best ways is to not think about it as exercise. An active lifestyle can be fun, and when it’s fun, you won’t have to think much about the exercise aspect. 

Active games are a good place to start. Play football in the garden together, or play catch. Any games that involves plenty of running around will do the trick and will keep you and the kids active. 

Plan Weekend Adventures

When the kids are off school at the weekends, make use of the extra time with some fun activities and adventures. Choose somewhere new to go for a long walk. If you have a dog, this is even better, as you can get in a good dog walk at the same time as spending time with the children. Plan a bike ride together. 

Weekend adventures are a good way to explore your local area or adventure a little further afield. It’s also a great way to get some fresh air, which is very good for you and the children too. 

Walk More

Walking is a simple way to get more exercise. Whenever you can, try to leave the car at home and walk instead. Whether you need to walk to the local shop to buy milk or picking the children up from school, try to walk there. If you live too far away to walk, park further away than you normally would, and walk the rest. 

By doing this, you get more exercise without really trying, and can start teaching your children not to rely on the car, and to walk where they can. As an added bonus, using the car less is also better for the environment, reducing your family’s carbon environment. 

Limit Screen Time

We’re all occasionally guilty of relying on the TV as a babysitter. This is fine to do sometimes, but try to cut back on the amount of screentime you get as a family. Instead of being in front of the television, or staring at phones and tablets, turn the screens off for a set number of hours every day. 

If you only allow a limited amount of screens, the children are more likely to want to be outside playing, naturally getting more activity and exercise. 

Being active as a family is a great way to improve everyone’s health, keeping you all fit and active. Teach your children to enjoy being active, and they’ll be healthier for life.

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