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Running Dad Diaries: Destination Trail Running

The past week has been really good for running really. I am feeling really good and the heel problem, while still there, is definately feeling better. My long Sunday run last week was a destination run – and I went to Pickering.

A change of scenery

I am the type of runner that likes to set off from his front doorstep and end the run there too. However, even with the myriad of routes I can take around where I live, I do sometimes fancy a change.

At the moment I am very much into trail running. It’s better on my heel and it’s better for Duke too as he can go of his lead. So, with that in mind, I looked for some new and intersting routes using my OS Map.

I decided to head into Pickering, not too far from home at all, and set off from there. There are plenty of the green dotted lines I love around there and worked out a decent 10K route.

a bent tree in Pickering | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

A path to myself

Finding somewhere to park in Pickering for free and for long enough to go for a run proved to be tricky. I eventually found somewhere and simply set off from there.

My route took me past the NYMR railyway station where I saw one of their steam locomotives being prepared for it’s day of service on the line to Whitby. I wasn’t on the road long before I cut off into the woods.

I made a navigational error when I set off into the woods and had to back track a little to get on the right path. It was a path I had to myself for pretty my the whole off-road part of this route (about 8km). Aside from a man walking umpteen dogs, I never saw another person.

boggy marsh | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

A boggy marsh

The route I had chosen, which looked lovely on a map, became quite boggy in some areas. At one point I lost a shoe as it was sucked off my foot when it plunged into the mud.

Gradually I started to climb away from the marshland near the beck. I had one major climb, and boy was that steep. It was raining but off came my rain jacket after that effort.

From the top of that hill, it was a gradual downhill back 5km towards Pickering. I knew I was going to run through the town to get back to my car, then I looked down at my legs – I was filthy.

ov er a stile | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Back through town

As I neared the end of the off-road section I had a small farmyard to pass through. A total lack of sigage meant I didn’t actually have to go through this yard, but the farmer tending his cattle didn’t seem to mind our presence.

The track gradually became a road and, just like that, I was back amongst houses. I made my way back through town along the main road.

I did notice a few locals looking at me with some concern, probably due to the filthy state of me. The odd car driver seemed to look twice. I don’t know, what is wrong with a man out for a muddy trail run with his dog on a Sunday morning?

Blackpool marathon | The Yorkshire Dad of 4
On the start line of the 2017 Blackpool marathon

Back in marathon training

I’ve just signed up for the Blackpool marathon next April (2020) so I’m now officially in training for that – even if it is a bit early. When I did this one last time, in 2017, I managed 3:55. But there was a time in that race where I struggled and really hit the wall.

I am aiming to smash that time in what, up until now, has been my one and only marathon. So, I shall be training with the marathon in mind from now on.

With Helen starting a new job I aren’t sure how I am going to train around that at the moment. But, if you want something then you have to work hard for it and make sacrifies. Sleep may well be my sacrifice!

Happy running and thanks for reading.


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