Free Fun with the Kids – Hanging by the River

One of the challenges facing parents today is the fact that many of the activities you can do with your children costs money. In many cases it can be obstructively expensive. But it doesn’t always have to be that way if you take the time to find things to do that are free.

Soft play, climbing walls, trampoline parks, GoApe – these are all great activities to do with your kids. But they cost money and sometimes, especially with a large family like us, it can be obstructively expensive.

We have done all the above at some point but most of the time we’re looking for things to do that are a little more within out budget. Ideally we’re looking for things to do with the kids for free.

8 Things to do with the kids for free or cheap in North Yorkshire this summer

I love to get out in the countryside and explore. Taking new paths and finding places not visited by many people is something I enjoy a lot. One of our favourite walks (or runs for me) takes us along a local river. You have to cross the rive on one of the loops and it’s this spot the girls really love.

We found some rope swings had been put up by some enterprising individuals recently and the girls loved swingout out over the river. This is something I would do as lad, expect back then I didn’t appreciate the trust I was putting in some unknown person tying the rope to the tree!

There is something so joyful about taking to one of these make-shift swings and flying out over a river. The girls love it!

When we move to the countryside I bought the OS explorer maps for the local area (I now use the app). Seeking out interesting walks, especially along rivers or near lakes, is something I love to do. Often I use my runs to check out these places before returning with the family.

Me out running and checking out great places to play

You don’t need to spend a fortune to have some fun. Simply exploring your local area and finding little gems like this is often all you need.

Some local friends commented on these photos on my personal Facebook page asking where this was – as if it was some far-flung hidden location. In fact, it’s five minutes in the car and a 15 minute walk through lovely woods. I will tell them where it is, but I must admit I am perplexed at people who’ve lived in this area all their lives don’t know some of these beauty spots!

Braver than me, the water is freezing!

My advice to anyone with children is to EXPLORE! Explore you local area, buy a map (or an app) and follow those green dotted lines into the unknown and see what you can find.

As we head into the summer and out of lockdown many tourist attractions are going to be booked out. Now is your chance to find a little adventure and seek out these low-cost ways of having some fun with the family.

I made a short video of a recent visit to the river and it’s on my YouTube channel now.

Here’s a video I made from a recent trip to a local river rope swing

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  1. Love this Dave! That said, I’d love to know where this spot is as I don’t recognise it (although I did only live in the area for 18 months). And you’re right, Go Ape etc are great, but expensive.

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