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Fishing: A Fun And Affordable Autumn Activity

If you loved planning outdoor adventures over the summer months, you’re probably looking for ideas for things to do with the family through the autumn. The kids might be back at school, but there’s no reason you can’t make the weekends fun.

Fishing is a fantastic family activity for autumn. It gives you a great excuse to get outside and a fun way to bond with your kids too. 

So where do you begin if you’ve never been fishing before? Here are some tips to help you make fishing your fun family autumn activity.

Find the best spots to go fishing

The first thing you’ll need to do is find the best place to go fishing. It’s best to find somewhere local at first, somewhere you can get too easily so that the day isn’t too long for the kids! You may need to ask friends and family or do some research to help you find somewhere suitable. 

You’ll need to check rod fishing licence requirements in advance. Children under 13 do not need a licence, and you only need one when fishing for specific types of fish like salmon or trout.

Get yourselves equipped

Fishing can be an affordable hobby. Beginners and children’s rods and reels are affordable, as is the equipment to go with them. Get yourself some Baitworks bait and you’ll be good to go. Remember to take waterproof clothing and some portable chairs – you could be in for a long day!

Teach them to be patient

Fishing is unpredictable. Some days you could catch a fish quickly, other days you may not see any at all. This is a good excuse to teach your kids the value of patience. Good things are worth waiting for, and it’ll be exciting when you get that first catch.

Remember to take plenty of drinks and snacks, and maybe some books and other activities to help ease the boredom if there’s a lack of action. It doesn’t hurt to have a cut-off time in case your trip is fruitless – you can always try again on a different day.

Have a backup plan

As mentioned above, fishing requires patience. And we all know that kids’ attention spans can wane quickly. If things don’t go to plan, or the weather turns, it doesn’t hurt to have some backup plans in place. There’s a lot you can do just hanging by the river, or you can find some other local activities to try. Make a backup plan in advance so you don’t have to leave everyone waiting around. 

Going fishing is an activity that all the family can enjoy. And if you take the fish home with you, it can make a tasty dinner too! Even if you only try it once, it’s good to try new experiences with your kids and teach them skills that they could benefit from in the future. Plan your first family fishing trip and get that bait ready to land a big catch. 

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