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Guys: 6 Hobbies You’ll Love To Indulge In!

It’s so easy to get on your phone after work and spend six hours starting and scrolling through Facebook. Before you know it, your life has become about the videos on TikTok and the games you play on your smartphone. It’s not a life, really and you need to have things outside of work that don’t involve plugging yourself into technology if you want to have a full life.

There are so many hobbies that you can choose to do out there, but if you don’t look for them, how will you know? Some guys love to golf, others love to watch drift cars being raced. There are thrills out there to be found, and we’ve got six hobbies you can get started with while you figure out what it is you’ll love the most.


Okay, so this is more of a fitness thing than a hobby, but when you take up running it’s exactly what it will become. Running gets all of the energy you’ve built up burned off, and it gives you an excuse to either get outside or head to the gym. It may be tough to get motivated, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do it. Go out and get yourself some great running shoes to get you started.


When you’re having a stressful time of it at work, you and your mates need something to look forward to. Paintballing is an excellent hobby to have, as you are spending time getting the stress burned off and that’s what you need the most!

Picking Locks

Believe it or not, we’re not encouraging a future in breaking and entering. Instead, you can learn to pick locks so that no matter how you are locked out, you can get back in again. There are plenty of tutorials in lock picking online to teach you how to do it!

Car Restoration

Those drift cars you love so much may well inspire you to learn how to fix and restore an old car that you’ve bought at a steal. Not every guy is into cars, but you can be if you take a look at how a car works. Restoring a car is more than a hobby; it is a huge project!

Learn To Paint

There are many videos online that teach you how to paint like a pro and you can really get into this hobby early. Drawing and painting are fun, creative hobbies that will give you somewhere to vent any pent-up emotions. Spend a small fortune in an art store for the right equipment, and you will be beginning in the right place.

If you like a challenge, you could invest in plastic model kits, which provide you with a full kit where you can not only paint but get involved in the entire process of constructing and weathering. This is a great way to spend your time, build your skills as you dive into researching, painting, sculpting, detailing and more as well as a fantastic way to destress.


Have you considered reading as a hobby? You can get your face out of the phone and into the imagination of someone else. You would be surprised how much of an escape reading can be, whether you are interested in fiction or in autobiographical pieces.

Hobbies are important. Which one will you choose to start with today?

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