A Different Wedding Anniversary Date | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

A Different Wedding Anniversary Date

It’s our wedding anniversary today. Twelve years ago I married my best friend, soul mate and love of my life. In fact, this year is our 21st year together as well. But with 4 children who are busy ALL the time, finding time to get an anniversary date was proving tricky. Today is a completely free day but after the opening two nights of panto and hectic week ahead it is most certainly a rest day (well, I may go for a run later). So I took last Friday off work and we went out for the day – but what did we get up to?

A Different Wedding Anniversary Date | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Breakfast at Betty’s

After doing the school runs we headed off to Harrogate. Once there we made a beeline to Betty’s Tea Rooms for breakfast.

We’ve never been to Betty’s so I wasn’t sure what to expect. All I know is that it’s popular and whenever we’ve passed the one in York there have been queues around the corner. Thankfully, a grey, chilly Friday in January meant we were straight into the one in Harrogate.

The menu was extensive and, yes I am a Yorkshireman, a tad expensive. An English breakfast (note the lack of the word “full”) was £11.95 – and that didn’t even include a drink! But, it was our anniversary and I decided to put my how bloody much attitude to one side for the day and enjoy it.

I went for a vegetarian option as I’m once against trying to eat less meat. It was a potato rosti, topped with wilted spinach, a large mushroom, poached eggs, cherry tomatoes and some sort of breadcrumbs. It was delicious and I intend to attempt to replicate that at home as soon as I can.

A Different Wedding Anniversary Date | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Helen went for the English breakfast. Sausage, bacon, poached egg, mushrooms (lots of mushrooms) and a tomato. The tomato was promptly dispatched onto my plate. Definitely not a full English breakfast, but she enjoyed it all the same.

Given that I avoid cows milk at home I ordered a latte but asked for it to be made with Soya milk and it was lovely. Helen ordered tea, and I have never seen so much paraphernalia for a cup of tea in all my life!

A Different Wedding Anniversary Date | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Before leaving we picked up some cakes from the takeaway counter. For Helen, a custard, and for me a raspberry frangipane.

A spot of shopping

After Betty’s, we hit the shops – mostly for Grace!

We need to pick up more things for her trip to Austria and that meant Primark and Mountain Warehouse. I did pick up some Henry Lloyd walking trousers in a charity shop though and Helen found an Emma Bridgewater mug for £1.95!!!! Absolute bargain.

After picking up a few bits from Paperchase it was time to head to our next destination…

The weekly shop

Now, doing your weekly shopping in Aldi might not be everyone’s idea of a hot date. But, if you have children, the absolute luxury of doing the shopping (in person, not online) without the kids in tow is indescribable. We were in and out in 30 minutes. Thirty minutes! Oh, that felt so good.

We’d stopped at the Thirk Aldi so we then stopped in the own centre and went to a cafe for cake and coffee/tea.

There was even time for more bargains at another charity shop in Thirsk. I picked up a pair of new Levi’s for £9.75. Helen checked online and they retail at over £80. I was happy and that took the edge of the cost of that breakfast!!

Home for the hectic

Once home it was the school run and then the madness of getting three girls ready for panto, whilst trying to cook tea. To add to the crazy Deiliah had a private dance lesson with her friend for a new festival dance. Oh, and I squeezed in picking up a new bed for Lydia.

A day like this might not be what other couples enjoy to celebrate their 12th wedding anniversay. But, a day spent with Helen is all I needed – it didn’t matter what we did.

Happy anniversary Helen. Love ya!



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