Holiday Security when You’re Away from Home

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Holiday security is tricky because you generally aren’t at home. While you can’t be in two places at once as you fly south for the British winter, you can make some effort to deter would-be thieves from entering your house, Harry and Marv style. Here are some easy suggestions.

Pack Up Your Valuable Stuff

Most burglars will stake out a home before deciding to enter, and that means seeing what you have got for them to steal. So why make it easy? If they can’t see anything of value, it is less likely they will take the risk. If you can afford it, pack up your stuff and head to a local and secure self-storage facility in your area. Most of these have round-the-clock security and very strong systems. Then just get your stuff back after you return from your well-deserved holiday.

Have Someone You Trust Pop Round

It also helps to make it look like there is someone living in your property. With activity going on, such as bis being pulled down for collection and people going in and out, it is less likely burglars will try anything. However, finding someone to do this for you can be tricky. First, it requires someone you trust implicitly, as many people are robbed by someone they know. Family and close friends are your best option. And offering to pay them can sweeten the deal a little bit.

Link Smart Devices for Holiday Security

Smart devices are everywhere these days, even ones for watching the dog. Yes, they are entertaining or save us some time because switching on the lights is just too hard. But they are also great for security. Around 40% of invasions happen during the day, so CCTV linked to your phone 24/7 is a big help. Then there are the lighting features. You can easily set timers for smart bulbs, which can make the lights come on as if someone is at home and milling around.

Try Not to Make It Obvious

Burglars look for obvious signs that someone is away before they enter. Some of the most common are piled-up mail, no bin collection, and empty driveways. If all three are there, then you will probably become a target for thieves. If you are going on holiday, cancel subscriptions to keep mail down to a minimum. Ask a friend to put out your bins. Having a friend pop around will keep your driveway looking active, but if not, take your car out of the garage and park it.

Buy an Alarm System

An alarm system can mean the difference between being robbed or left alone. Some professional thieves can take down an alarm in seconds. But most opportunists will think twice before heading into a home if it is obvious that an alarm is present. It can also help to let a neighbour know you are away if you trust them. This way, they will know something is wrong in the event your home’s alarm goes off. Buying the best you can afford is highly recommended.


Packing your valuables for self-storage will help with holiday security when you are away. Smart devices will also provide some extra security, and an alarm will deter most burglars from trying.

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