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How to Get the Most Out of Your Solar Panels

Since the turn of the century, camping has taken on a new dimension – what used to be an uncomfortable experience at the best of times, can now be both comfortable and convenient. Solar panels empower the camper and give the outdoor enthusiast some real freedom by providing clean and renewable energy from any location.

If you are thinking of adding a set of solar panels to your camping inventory, here are some important factors to bear in mind.

βœ” Durability

Although solar-powered technology is relatively new, there are tried and trusted brands and if you stick with a well-known manufacturer, you are virtually guaranteed to get a long life from the component. There are camping solar panels for sale online that offer the best value for money and while the best brands cost a little more, they do make sense in the long run. The best type would be the portable, folding units that can be spread on the roof or windscreen and are easily set up, and they roll up to save space.

βœ” Deep Cycle Batteries

The battery is a critical component in your solar power set up and by investing in a top-quality deep cycle battery, you will bet the best value for money. The typical vehicle battery is designed to give a short, but powerful discharge, needed to start an engine, yet a deep cycle battery is designed for a slow and steady discharge, which is more suitable for camping.

βœ” Keep your Solar Panels Spotlessly Clean

Whatever make or style you choose, make sure you give the panels a thorough clean after every camping expedition. Glass cleaner and a dry, soft cloth will do the trick. The cleaner the surface, the more sunlight, which means optimum power conservation. Dust can be a problem when summer camping, so keep a special cloth for wiping the panels on a daily basis, which will not only keep the panels in good order, it will maximise the ampage being produced. There is an informative article on the inner workings of a solar panel, which might help you to better understand how they work. Online suppliers of camping equipment will stock everything you need to give the freedom and independence for extended camping trips.

βœ” Buy an In-Line Amp Meter

For a relatively small cost, you can add this meter somewhere between the panels and the battery, which will give you an accurate readout of the ampage being generated. This will give you an advance warning if your battery is nearing the end of its life and you can replace it prior to your next expedition.

Solar Panel Investment

If you are thinking of making the investment in a solar power energy system, do a little research first, so you fully understand the process and by searching online for a reputable camping supplies company, you can browse the range of units. It is always a good idea to search out some customer reviews which will point out any flaws in the product, and many online camping magazines actually carry out exhaustive tests on well-known brands, which is an even better indication of what to expect.

If you buy wisely, your solar panels will give you many years of use and you and your family can stay at locations that were previously prohibited due to a lack of power.


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