How To Set Up Your Own Home Bar

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Always wanted to set up your own home bar? Below are a few tips on how to make this happen.

Choose your location

First, you need to decide where in your home to place your bar. Will it be an indoor bar? Or will it be outdoors?

Outdoor bars are the most common option. Many people convert sheds into bars, while others erect new bars. Think about where in your garden is the best place to put your bar. Putting it nearer the house could make it easier to access and could reduce costs if you need to connect electricity. However, you may find that you can take advantage of a sun trap or add privacy by placing it further away from your house. 

An indoor bar is more likely to be used all year round and may be better suited if you don’t have a lot of outdoor space. There may be an unused room that you can convert into a bar such as a basement or garage. Alternatively, you may be able to convert half your living room or dining room into a bar area. Rooms facing the garden could even be turned into a bar with the bar facing outwards into the garden, which may be possible to close off with a shutter when not in use. 

Pick a style of bar

Once you’ve chosen the location of your bar, consider the style of the bar. There are a few different styles you could opt for:

  • You could consider a traditional pub feel with wooden barstools, a wooden bar and possibly even some beer taps. You could even decorate an interior space by adding some exposed brick, traditional pub carpet or even a fireplace. 
  • You could opt for a sports bar vibe if you love sports. This could include installing a TV and possibly adding features like a dartboard or pool table. Sports memorabilia from your favourite teams could be used as decor.
  • Another option could be a tiki bar. These are bars with a tropical beach feel that are made from bamboo or a similar wood. You could consider adding some optics and buying some fun glassware to help embrace this theme.
  • Another option could be to go for a more classy high end bar theme. You could consider a wine bar theme with a wine rack behind the bar (check out these wine rack ideas at Home Beautiful). Alternatively, you could embrace an art deco speakeasy bar vibe. 

Consider heating and electrics

Heating and electricity could be elements worth considering. When installing a TV, lighting or refrigerators in an outdoor bar, you’ll need to install some outlets – it could be worth hiring a level 2 electrician like Hornsby Electric to do this. 

When it comes to heating in an outdoor bar, your best option is to rely on electric heaters. Firepits and chimineas could be used to provide natural warmth to outdoor seating areas. 

Add some personal details

It’s your bar, so consider adding some personal details. You could hang personal photos around the bar to remind you of good times. Alternatively, you could look into some custom signage.

Stock up your bar

Don’t forget to save some money for stocking up your bar. Spirits can be expensive and you could spend over £100 on these alone if you’re looking to fill some optics. Of course, you may be happy with wine and beer.

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