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I Won A Synology DS418play

For the second year running, I have won a competition via the internet with a prize worth hundreds of pounds. It’s a Synology DS418play NAS and I feel pretty lucky.

Last year it was a GoPro 4 with accessories from an Instagram contest run by Challenge Sophie and today I took delivery of this Synology DS418play courtesy of a giveaway on MakeUseOf.com.

I’m not really a serial competition entrant (I know some people make a career of it). I do, however, randomly enter the odd giveaway and then completely forget about it. I suppose we all do it now again, then question whether anybody actually ever wins. Well, I can tell you that as a two-time winner they most certainly do.

About the Synology DS418play

For those of you interested (and geeky enough) to want to know what a Synology DS418play is then here goes…

It is a 4-bay NAS (network attached storage) designed for ultra-high definition multimedia enthusiasts. Store files, movies, photos, anything you want in a fault tolerant adaptable disk array. I suppose the only downside to this win is that it doesn’t come with any disks – but then again they are pretty cheap nowadays anyway. Follow this link for the the full run down – https://www.synology.com/en-us/products/DS418play.

I’m not going to let this win change me (ha!) but it does encourage me to enter a few more of these types of competitions and giveaways. So long as you’re careful and run a few checks on the site/person running it then you don’t really have anything to lose.

Have you ever won anything in an online competition?


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