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What’s In A Name

For most people, the moment they find out that they are expecting attention turns to potential baby names for the new arrival. Of course, more and more people are choosing the find out the sex of their baby and thus narrow down the search field for that all important name. So how did you choose yours, and more do you ever hear another name and get a little bit jealous you didn’t think of it?
Top 10 Baby Names 2018


top 10 baby names 2018

The top ten baby names list for 2018 has just been revealed and there are a few surprises in there. The first surprise for me was Emma being the top girls name. It’s such a simple classic name it’s no shock to see it in the top ten. However, the real surprise was that it has been number 1 for 5 years in a row!

On looking down the lists my initial thought is that they are a lovely set of names. With the exception of, I think, Harper in the girls list and Alijah in the boys I’m certain the girls have classmates at either school or dance on that list.

I also like to see where our names fit into the lists. Mine, for example, Dave, is currently at number 33 (up 5 places); that’s a respectable top 50 position. Whereas Helen is down at 728th, and falling year-on-year. But back in the years we were born mine was number 4, but again Helen languished down the list at 275. Even my true first name (I’ve always gone by my middle name) was number 9 when I was born but now sits at 107th.

With the girls names, there is only Grace in the top 100 at 29. Lydia (116) and Delilah (101) are in the top 150. However, Verity is way down at 5,515! Looking back at the years they were born, again only Grace was in the top 100 at number 13.

Choosing the Girls Names

We never used a baby name books, the internet or these popular names lists when choosing our children’s names. What we did do was look back at names in the family and we had our own ideas.

We often laugh that with all the girls we considered “Isobel” but we could never agree on the spelling. Helen prefered “Izabel” and I prefered “Isobelle”, so in the end, we never used it for a first name. As we found out the sex of the girls in advance we at least had the name search narrowed down for us. Delilah was going to be Ruby right up until about 2 weeks before she was born (and she was two weeks late). 

But choosing a name is not easy. Deciding on your off-springs monika, that they will carry for life, is a responsible task. I love our girls’ names and I think they do too. They are not overly common but certainly not off-the-wall either, which I like. That doesn’t mean there aren’t times when I hear another name and think “ooh I like that”. 

Does a Name Matter

Of course, once you reach adulthood you have the right to change your name by deed poll. It’s not something I’ve ever considered at all. Being raised using my middle name (that wasn’t my choice) has always caused a little confusion as all official documents, of course, show a different first name to what I’m known as. That I have learnt to live with. It was all thanks to my Grandad wanting me called David (for reasons I have yet to discover) and my Dad not being bothered provided his name was first on my birth certificate.

Personally, I would feel a little upset if any of our girls wanted to change their names when they are old enough. Certainly, it would be their choice but after the careful consideration given to giving them the names they have, it would be a bit of an insult.


baby on towelsThere’s been a trend lately to give a baby a name that is traditionally a shortened version of another name. One such example being Billy; Bill is short for William. Shortening a name I don’t mind at all, but I don’t really subscribe to giving them that name to start with. Does it matter? Probably not but that’s my view. I am David to anyone who doesn’t know me. If you get to know me you may call me Dave. I get really annoyed when someone I don’t know calls me Dave straight off the bat! It’s the same with the girls, they have a name we gave then so use it.

We shorten the girls names all the time, there aren’t many parents out there that don’t I am willing to bet. Lyd tends to be Lyd and Grace get’s Gigi but, oddly, we do lengthen it to Gracie quite often. Verity gets Vivi but Delilah has a few; Didi, Dilly and Lilah. I have found though that recently I’ve reverted to using their full names.

Where Does You Name Come in the Rankings?

Take a look for yourself and see where you name appears on the list at

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  1. Interesting post. I chose very different names for my children but then chose more common ones for middle names in case the unusual ones caused them grief in any way. As it turns out, a child tends to grow into the name you give them and yes then they get shortened in all manner of ways too. My first son’s name was initially a joke, my daughter’s came to me in a dream and my youngest son’s was also a joke but he loves it. #ThatFridayLinky

  2. I think it’s important that a name chosen is good for life for your child which I like to think I picked for all of my children. Fab read Thank you for linking to #Thatfridaylinky please come back next week

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