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International Cat Day – Meet Eddie

This International Cat Day I thought it would be nice to pay tribute to our longest service family pet – Eddie.

Eddie has been with Helen and I since she was a kitten. Almost as soon as we had moved in together Helen and I brought Eddie and her Sister Patsy home. The sister were from the same litter a cat belonging to Helen’s sister had recently had. Not long after bringing these two home we brought home a third sister from that litter that hadn’t found a home. We named her Saffie.

The observant among you will have noticed that the names are all characters from the TV show Absolutely Fabulous. It’s a show we loved watching and thus inspired the names of our family pets.

Sadly, about a year later, Patsy left one morning never to return. We looked and called for her but she was never seen again. So we were left with Eddie and Saffie.

Homely Cat

Eddie cat International Cat Day

Eddie is very much a homely cat. She goes out but never spends long outside. She much prefers to be indoors. Whereas Saffie was very much an outdoor cat that didn’t like being indoors. They couldn’t have been more different.

High Ranking Family Member

What I haven’t yet revealed is how old Eddie is. She is in fact 17 years old this year! Yet, as she is such a small cat and has kept her youthful looks she still gets mistaken for a kitten.

She is older than all our children and has seen them all arrive home and taken to each one of them. I say taken, it’s probably more of a tolerance. But tolerate them she has as they’ve all grown up chasing her, grabbing her, and picking up when she would have rather been left alone.


Eddie had children of her own. Okay kittens. She caught us out and had a small litter of two lovely kittens. She was good mum and we found good home for them both.

Eddit cat with kittens International Cat Day


Long may she live

Eddie has moved home with us twice, as did Saffie. Sadly, Saffie died a couple of years ago not long after our second move. But Eddie seems in perfect health and doesn’t look like she’s going anywhere soon.

When she does eventually leave us she will leave a big whole in all our hearts. She’s always been around throughout all the girls lives and a large chunk of mine and Helen’s too.

I know it’s soppy, but I do love that cat!

Thanks for reading.


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