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Lose Your Excuses to Find Your Success

Lose Your Excuses to Find Your Success. I love this quote. It’s just so on point. It’s not mine, I borrowed it from Joe Wicks (The Body Coach). I’m sure he won’t mind.

Love to run

You all know that I love running. Recently I’ve also gone back to adding in weight training and HIIT sessions to my workouts. But, I suffer from a lack of motivation at times.

Lack of motivation

I think my lack of motivation stems from not wishing to impact on family life and time with my fitness regime. So, I go out early for runs when everyone is still tucked up in bed. It’s not so bad in the summer as when the girls are off school. I get up at 6am instead of 5am and I seem to have more time. But on some mornings I lay in bed have a mental battle between fit Dave and lazy Dave. Fortunately, more often than not, fit Dave wins.

Feeling fantastic

The fact is that after a work out you feel fantastic. It’s true. This morning I went for a 3-mile run, then did a 10 minutes weights HIIT followed by a 20-minute upper body HIIT. It hurt a lot. I was sweating like a waterfall. I had to grind it out until the end. But I got there. And afterwards, I felt amazing!


It’s no secret that I have rheumatoid arthritis. But, I am lucky that my treatment is working and keeping my inflation markers untraceable. I’m lucky, many sufferers live a daily torture and here I am whacking out an hour of physically exhausting effort in a morning before breakfast.

Anyone can get fit

Anyone can get fit if they find their motivation. Running, weights and HIIT isn’t for everyone. But there are so many activities out there I’m sure there’s one for everyone.


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