Jamie Oliver Wants 2 for 1 Pizza Banned

This is now going to be my third post related one of Jamie Oliver’s campaigns forllowing A Parent’s View On The Sugar Tax and About The Pointless Sugar Tax. I don’t mean to go on about him, but he’s rally starting to get on my wick now!

What’s Jamie Oliver Done Wrong?

Read my posts (linked above) about my views on the sugar tax. That will give you a brief insight into where I’m coming from. But now he’s stepped into the Scottish childhood obesity issue with alarming effect.

Jamie Oliver and Nicola Sturgeon
BBC News

The headline is brilliant. Of course, cutting childhood obesity in half by 2030 is a GOOD THING. I’m not going to disagree with that. However, the way they want to go about it is utterly shameful.

A tax on the poor

So they want to ban 2 for 1 pizza deals. Have they considered, given that they know the issue is more prevalent in deprived areas, that some families can only afford a treat when there is a deal on? Nah! A man worth Β£400 million simply can’t comprehend that. And don’t give me the twoddle that he’s from humble beginnings, he’s never been short of a bob or two.

So now we know they want to ban people treating themselves let’s look at the fundamental flaw.

Make healthier food cheaper

Where are the campaigns, Mr Oliver, to make healthier food options cheaper? I never see you marching on Parliament demanding salads price reductions. The fact is that’s not worth a jot to you.

I’ve seen in myself in our leaner financial times. There have been times we’ve filled our trolly in Iceland and there’s not been a sniff of a fresh vegetable in sight. Austere times called for it – cheap food. The fact is the cheapest food is the type that is the worst for you. Fact.

Take my local co-op that charges 75 pence for a bag of shredded lettuce. Now I would never buy convenience chopped veg myself, I’d get the who iceberg for 59p. But for 75p I can get a couple of chocolate bars, heck for just 24 pence more I can get a pot noodle and have that as my meal.

Look at the real problems

How is it we can all see the real issues; expensive basic raw ingredients and lack of education but these celebrity types don’t. All he cares about are PR exercises. The type that keeps his name in the papers and his position in society relevant.

We’ll call this a rant post as that clearly what it is!

Thanks for reading.


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