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We may have only just got into 2019 but already people will be looking ahead to getting away on holiday later this year. We’re all feeling the pinch so maybe a cheaper, yet more adventurous getaway in a tent, sleeping under canvas, could prove to be an option.

There can’t be many people who can honestly say that they have never slept in a tent. Yes, it may well have been a wet night in the Dales when they were at school, but it all counts.

Even though there are six of us, we have been on camping holidays and enjoyed them. Yes, you have to be organised, plan ahead and take everything you need with you. But with that comes a sense of teamwork too. Working together as a family can actually be enjoyable.

Where to choose you tent online

There are so many tents on the market it can be difficult to work out what you need. You may believe that you need to check out a tent physically before making a decision, but that’s not true. How many of us buy clothes online without actually trying them first? It’s the same thing.

Sites like Simply Hike make choosing a tent online really easy.

Screenshot 2019-01-02 at 6.29.05 PM

With great images, floor plans and clear descriptions you can’t really go wrong.

A personal challenge

A few years ago I got really into the idea of cycle touring after reading books by Andrew Sykes and Sean Conway. I’m definitely on my own with this one though so if I were to finally get the chance to do it then I would be needing a single person tent only.

I’ve been checking out the range of tents offered by Vango and it’s a great range.

Their Vango Omega250 would be ideal for cycle touring. It’s a two person tent, but that would mean there’s room for all my gear to be inside with me on a night.

Untitled design.jpg

Even looking at tents makes me a little excited to explore this adventure idea that I keep coming back to. Maybe I’ll start small and stay with the confines of the North York Moors.

But, Vango also do a fantastic looking 6-man tent in the Rosewood 500. I just need to work out how to persuade Helen that camping would be a really good option for us. Of course we’d need a bigger car!!


I can see us now, sat out under the lowering sun on a summers evening down by a lake. The dogs running free and the kids all playing a game of cricket. Yeah right! I’ll be chasing the dogs to get them of the pitch neighbours’ sharpei, whilst the teenagers tap on their phones trying to get a signal, the younger girls argue about who’s Barbie gets to be the mummy and Helen drinks her gin! Argh, those romantic family moments, but at least we’ll be together!

The fact is that camping used to be the holiday of choice for many and I’d love to see it come back into fashion. I best start buying the gin as a sweetener!

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