Letters from Lapland | Letter from Santa | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Letters from Lapland

Christmas is a magical time of year for everyone, but especially so for children. I can vividly remember the excitement of visiting Santa in his Grotto and then on Christmas Eve looking out of the window trying to catch a glimpse of his sleigh. Childhood and that magical belief in Santa Claus are special and time-limited so we do all we can to keep that magic alive for as long as possible. This year, our two younger girls were lucky enough to receive personalised letters from Lapland, written by Santa himself.

Letters from Lapland | Letter from Santa | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

This morning D and V came down for breakfast to be greeted by a new resident – we’ll call him Mr Elf. Now, Mr Elf had taken up position in Helen’s fishbowl of baubles and with him were two thick envelopes. Initially, they looked at Mr Elf and then rather quizzically at the envelopes. Eventually, they realised that they were addressed to them.

How do you get your letters from Lapland?

Letters from Lapland

Let’s face it, even Santa has modernised in recent years with the advancement of Internet technology. So, to get started you head over to laplandletters.co.uk. You then pick the type of letter you want and there are four to choose from. From there you fill out the form (shown below) to place your order.

Letters from Lapland | Letter from Santa | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Of course, we’re all super cautious about giving out personal details and especially so when it comes to our children. Whether you are happy to send these details is a personal choice, but without doing so there’ll be no letter from Santa. I did read all the policies and security guarantees on their website and, much with any e-commerce website, you either trust them and proceed or back out. Having read many positive posts on their Facebook page I was happy to provide the details.

As well as the letter itself you can also include an activity pack which contains colouring cards, secret Santa map and a “Santa Stop Here” poster. I will say that I expected the secret Santa map to be a separate item but in our pack, it was printed on the reverse of the letter from Santa.

There are also a few optional extras such as personalised “Good Child” chocolate bar, Lapland reindeer food and Lapland wishing stars.

Magic delivered

Our two envelopes came inside a single larger envelope. We planned how we would place them for the girls to find and, as I said above, opted to use Mr Elf’s help.

Letters from Lapland | Letter from Santa | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

After the girls had opened their envelopes and looked at all the items I gave them a look over too. The paper quality is excellent, it’s a matte finish but a decent weight (thickness) of paper. The personalisation works well within, what must be, the stock letter format. However, being able to choose different letters meant they at least got different wordings. There’s an option of personalised wording on the bottom that, particularly for V, made it even more special.

We also received the activity pack, reindeer food and magic wish stars too. All together it’s a great package that put some very big smiles on two little girls faces.

What’s the cost?

Okay, so there is a cost to this little piece of Christmas magic, but I honestly think letters from Lapland are good value for money. When you see your kids faces light up with wonder when they open these letters it’s worth it.

The personalised Lapland letter from Santa, including standard UK delivery, is £5.95. The optional extras are between £2.95 and £3.95 with express (Reindeer) delivery costing a rather pricey £14.95. I suppose the express delivery will be for those parents who are less organised though.

Letters from Lapland | Letter from Santa | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

There may be a few things I hate about Christmas but the pure magic of children at this time of year certainly isn’t one of them. I’m really pleased with these letters from Lapland and I’m sure it’s something we’ll do again next year. If the magic is still alive for our 10 and 8 years olds then these letters will surely go down a treat with younger children.

Thanks for reading.


* LaplandLetters.co.uk kindly gifted our daughters these letter from Santa to enable me to write this review. As always the opinions expressed are my own.

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