A Christmas Family Portrait | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

A Christmas Family Portrait

Christmas is a time for family. Whether you are into the religious aspects of the festive season or not you can’t ignore the fact that Christmas is a time of peace and love too. I love spending time with my family at this time of year and putting up the Christmas tree is an almost ritual-like tradition. Usually, we then take a Christmas family portrait with our tree and this year is no exception.

Our dining room is not well endowed with natural light and the ceiling lights aren’t great either so out came the studio lamps. Due to the size of the tree space became a premium and fitting us all in with the light was tricky. After I’d set up the lights and camera, and we were still decorating the tree, I didn’t realise D was taking selfies!

A Christmas Family Portrait | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

The star on the tree

Do you go with an angel or a star on your Christmas tree? We have a lovely star, and this year Grace got the honour of putting it on. I say “honour” but really it was the short straw. The size of the tree meant she had to stand on the end of the sofa and balance precariously. Where was I? Taking the photos of course πŸ˜‰

A Christmas Family Portrait | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

So there we have – our Christmas family portrait for 2018. Of course, you can’t do a serious photo without also going a bit silly – can you? I was using a 2-second timer on the camera which meant me dashing back into position – hence why on the photo below my left hand is blurred! You may notice that in the top photo we have both doth in position and in the one below Duke has absconded. You may also notice V has his balled which goes some way to explaining his disappearance!

A Christmas Family Portrait | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

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6 thoughts on “A Christmas Family Portrait”

  1. Lovely photos. This is the kind of tradition we need in our house. We’re good at the Christmas traditions. Picking and decorating our tree is always a highlight. We’re just not so great the family photos and that’s a massive shame! #thesatsesh

  2. πŸ˜‚l love your portraits. I’m a big fan of natural photos. Mine often end up with a finger up the nose, one child in a blur and one looking anywhere but the camera.#thesatsesh

  3. How lovely is your family photo. We have an angel as hubby has a thing about stuffing a fairy light up her bum and turns her face green, lol. Merry Christmas and hope you have a lovely time with your family X #thesatsesh

  4. #thesatsesh sorry I’m so late πŸ™ happy new year hun.
    I hope you enjoyed yourselves, i love the noses – too cute.
    I need to make sure in 2019 we take more group photos of all of us.

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