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On Your Marks! Teaching Your Kid to Drive Effectively

Driving is one of those pastimes that we all feel comes with a certain amount of responsibility and freedom. When you have a child that is desperate to drive, the reality of the situation may dawn on you. Remember back to when you learn to drive and how liberating it was when you passed your test. But now the road is a completely different beast. And you may decide to teach your children to drive. But what are the things you need to remember when it comes to giving your child a thorough grounding on the rules of the road?

Get Yourself in Check First

The most important thing to remember is that before you start grilling your child on the highway code that you are setting the right example. Even if your child is working with an instructor there are things that you can do to help them become more accustomed to the rules of the road. In addition to this, teaching them the mechanics of different vehicles can help to give them a more thorough base of knowledge. If you specialise in fixing family cars rather than sporty little runarounds this is more wisdom for you to impart. But you have to remember that for all advice you plan on giving them it may fall on deaf ears because there is that teacher-student relationship which is more beneficial. This is something that you don’t necessarily have with your child.

Work With the Instructor

Working with an instructor is a good way to fill in the gaps in your child’s education. You have to remember that the instructor will have a fully comprehensive lesson plan. And while they may do their best to cover all bases with your child, especially when it comes to preparing for their hazard perception test, you need to be careful not to step on the instructor’s toes. Work with the instructor and get a good dialogue going. It’s not a competition between you and them! 

Plan Your Routes

Working with the instructor to know the routes they normally take especially when it comes to the driving test will give you a far better idea of what cakes need to be ironed out. The great thing about taking your child out in the car outside of driving lessons is that you can take them on different routes. It is a fantastic way to give your child an overall appreciation of the road and to react to situations as and when they arise, especially in new environments.

Talk About the Emotional Aspects of Driving

A driving test is, for many people, about passing and they think that’s it. But this is when the lessons of the road truly begin. It’s a good idea for you to speak to your child about the emotional aspects of driving. Not just the pressures you can face on the road, but also learning how to deal with driving stress and anxiety. This is something that many people don’t speak about. And for all of the excitement your child might feel after they pass their test, it’s the first year afterwards that accidents are most common.

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