Poseidon on Plati - Greek Island Boat Tour

Posidon on Plati

This a shot of the Poseidon anchored off the island of Plati. We’ve just returned from a fantastic holiday on Kos with our girls, two of my sisters, their husbands, nieces, nephews and some of their friends. My niece got married over there which is why there were almost 30 of us in the group!

For now, I wanted to share this photo of the Poseidon. This was the boat we were on when we opted for the 3 island boat tour. We boarded in Kos harbour and spent a magical day sailing around the Dodecanese in the Aegean Sea.

Pserimos, Kalymnos and Plati

We visited 3 islands in total – Pserimos, Kalymnos and Plati. Amongst other things, we enjoyed snorkelling from the white sandy beaches of Pserimos, the quaint town and cliff jumping on Kalymnos, and finally anchored off the rocky coast of Plati for sea swimming and snorkelling.

Plati is a tiny island just 500m from Pserimos. It’s part of the chain of Greek islands known as the Dodecanese and they are close to the coast of Turkey. Aside from a small chapel, there is very little to see on Plati but it is an excellent location for swimming, snorkelling and, for the more adventurous, cliff jumping.


At first, boarding a boat called Poseidon was a little unnerving given the films about a ship of the same name. However, Poseidon was one of the Twelve Olympians in ancient Greek religion and myth. He was God of the Sea and other waters; of earthquakes; and of horses. In pre-Olympian Bronze Age Greece, he was venerated as a chief deity at Pylos and Thebes.

Going GoPro

Having the GoPro with us on this trip has really changed our holiday photos. Taking into the pool, on the slides at the waterpark and here in the sea has been fantastic. I’ve captured so many memories that you just can’t without an action camera like our GoPro HERO4 Silver.

For photos with the GoPro, I set it on burst mode and hold the shutter button down for a few seconds. When you’re bobbing up and down in the sea it’s hard to set up up a single shot. Burst mode means I can choose the best shot from the those captured. There’s not a lot I can change with the exposure setting on this GoPro so in effect this is on fully automatic mode, does that make me any less of a photographer?

I’ll always be grateful for this GoPro that I won from a competition run my Sophie Radcliffe.

Thanks for checking out my Sunday photo.



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