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Running Under the Stars

The key to being a good runner is consistency in running. But just of late, I have been very inconsistent and that made me frustrated with myself. I went from a week where I ran 6 days straight to a week where I just about manage 2 days. But when I do make the effort I am rewarded with two runs under the stars.

Last night, after all the girls were safely home from dancing and Helen had returned from work, I threw on my running gear and headed out. Duke was happy to be running, he gets very excited as soon as he gets a whiff of my running shoes! It was a crisp and clear night and the stars were putting on a wonderful display.

A bit chilly

Despite having numerous pairs of running leggings I usually try and get as far into winter as I can before wearing them. My legs were telling me it was close to becoming time to cover them up. But, once I’d got going I soon forgot the chill on my bare skin.

I’d only put on a long-sleeved base layer and high-vis t-shirt too so I was feeling it a little on my top half too. Thankfully my hands were toastie in my Spyder gloves and head kept warm in my beanie hat.


Back out running 10 hours later

After a late evening run, I somehow managed to get up and out again this morning at 6:30. It was even colder than the previous night with a heavy frost on the ground and cars in the neighbourhood.

Once again, I was wearing shorts and my legs were shouting at me to be covered up. An again once I got going I forgot about my legs being cold. I did add an extra outer layer on my upper body this morning though!

Running in the dark is a very calming and peaceful experience. Add to this the stars above you, the crescent moon and Venus bright in the sky and visible from all parts of your route and it makes for a great experience. Of course, it could be blowing a gale and lashing down with rain too!

How about you?

Do you run in the dark and enjoy the carpet of stars above you?

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