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Planily: The Steps Towards An Organised Family

Most people don’t have a clue when they first start out on the road to parenthood. However many people you talk to, videos you watch, or classes you attend, the experience you have throughout this process will be wholly unique. Your children will be like no others, and they probably won’t want to go down the same path in life as all of their friends, making it impossible to find a cover-all solution to this part of life. Despite this, though, there is still a lot of planning which can be done before you get started. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the areas which need to be planned for, along with some of tools and resources which can be used to support you along the way.

The Goals

Like anything you want to achieve in life, this has to start with some basic goals. These should include as many elements of your life as possible, ranging from the mundane to the monumental, giving you a simple set of targets to reach before your kids grow up. Below, you can find some examples of the sorts of areas which you should be setting goals for. Of course, everyone will have their own way of handling something like this, and this makes it important to think about the methods which will work best for you before you get started with it.

Family Size

Having a large family is always an expensive endeavor, but a lot of people will also feel like their house is empty if they only ever have one or two kids. This sort of goal is completely down to you. Once you’ve got all of the children you want, though, you may need to look into procedures like a vasectomy to make sure that you don’t have any more of them. If you decide to have a larger family, this is something which needs to be reflected by your financial planning, though this is something to cover later on.


Along with choosing how large you’d like your family to be, a lot of people will also want to start thinking about property at this stage in their life. As you start to have children, it’s critical that you have enough space for them, or life at home could easily start to become a big challenge. This means that the size of your family and the property you invest in go hand in hand. Of course, though, you may have to start small, getting bigger as more family members hit the scene.


Most parents want to be able to give their kids the life which they were never able to have themselves. In a lot of cases, this will involve education, and the level which your child is able to attain. Going to university costs a lot of money, though, making it important for saving to start early on, while also forcing parents to plan this area before their little ones hit the scene. Of course, they should be able to choose whether or not they want to go for a degree, but it will be worth planning to give them the option.


It can be very easy to forget about the important aspects of your own life when you are planning to have children. As a parent, though, your life isn’t put on hold. Instead, you can still work towards career goals, often using your family as your driving force to help you to achieve what you want to. Having a plan for the path you’d like to take can make approaching this area much simpler. Not only will it give you the chance to focus on the right areas, but it will also give you a measure to help you decide exactly how you’d like your life to progress.


Money is one of the key areas parents will struggle with throughout the time it takes to raise their kids. In the UK, it will cost around a quarter of a million to get one child to the age of 18, and all of this money has to come from somewhere. In most cases, the best way around this sort of issue is clever planning and budgeting. Your money will grow as long as you’re able to look after correctly, even if you have to spend a lot each year. Along with this, though, it’s also worth thinking about the money you’re going to be dedicating to your children’s future. Finances don’t have to be an issue if you’re able to organise them correctly.

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Time & Teaching

When you’re living a busy life, going to work each day, and having to deal with chores at home, it can often be hard to give your little ones the time they need. Of course, though, there are few things in life which are more important than your kids. Thankfully, when they are a baby, they will often set the wheels in motion for you to be able to sort this out before they get older. When they are very young, you will have little choice, and will have to spend time with them each day. If you use this as a way to build some strong habits, you can make it harder to miss out on time with your kids than it will be to ignore them all together.

As a big part of the time you spend with the kids, teaching will always be one of a parent’s most important roles. Homework is crucial, and is something which far too few mums and dads will get involved in, even though they can make a real difference to their kid’s life with it. Along with this, though, you should also be working to teach them concepts and ideas which they simply won’t learn at school. Surviving in the wild, looking after a home, and even being able to talk to other people properly are all very valuable skills. It can be easy to rely on tools like video games to keep your little ones occupied when they are at home, but this is usually a mistake.

Your Future

It’s highly unlikely that your kids will want to live at home forever. In fact, nowadays, a lot of young people are trying to leave home as early as possible, opening the doors for parents to take control of their lives in ways which they haven’t been able to for almost two decades. To make the most of this, it’s worth thinking about the sort of future you’d like to have long before it comes. For example, if you’d like to spend your later years working on your own business, it could be worth getting the ball rolling while they are still around. Not only will this give you a head start, but it will also make it easier to take control when you need to.

Their Future

Parents will often fall into the trap of thinking that they are in complete control of their child’s future. In reality, though, your little ones will be the masters of their own destinies, and you will only have the power to push them in the right direction. This can start from a very early age, with the best mums and dads using observation to figure out the sort of support they can offer. If they show a lot of interest in nature, for example, you can work towards teaching them about this field during their regular play, expanding into more serious learning as they get older. This sort of approach can be the very best way to improve their education before it even begins.

A month in photos - August 2018 | Planily: The Steps Towards An Organised Family | The Yorkshire Dad of 4


Living with a group of other people is rarely a smooth process. Everyone will have their own ideas and desires, and these can often conflict with one another, making it hard for everyone to see eye to eye. Even if you argue from time to time, though, maintaining a good relationship with your kids is very important. This can often be achieved through mutual respect, along with setting out rules very early which dictate how your family members conduct themselves around each other. Of course, though, kids will always learn best from example, making it worth following these rules yourself, too.

Building relationships with people outside of your family is also very important to a young person, but this process won’t be easy with a couple of parents breathing down their necks. You can help them to build the fundamental skills they need to do well socially, but you have to let them experiment with the harder parts for themselves. This will mean letting them have friends over when they are young, developing into being relaxed about the idea of boyfriends or girlfriends coming over as they get a little bit older. It can be hard to let this happen as a parent, but will be worth it to keep family life nice and stable.

Hopefully, this post will give you some good ideas when it comes to preparing your life for children. Money isn’t the only challenge you’ll face throughout this process, and you will often feel like you’re completely alone with your problems. Of course, though, this is rarely the case, even when it comes to issues which you didn’t face as a youngster.


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