The Man on the Moors (Seated Figure) | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

The Man on the Moors (Seated Figure)

We recently visited the The Man on the Moors. “Who is that,” I hear you say. Well, he is a 3 metre high bronze sculpture that sits atop Castleton Rigg in the North Yorkshire Moors national park.

The Man on the Moors (Seated Figure) | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Living on the southern edge of the North York Moors means we’ve been aware of this sculpture for a while now. Well, actually since it was placed there in 2017. 

It’s quite an imposing statue when you are stood beside it. It also strikes and uncanny resemblance to Jeremy Corbyn – thought that is, apparently, purely a coincidence.

We enjoyed the short walk up to the sculpture and even though the cloud was low and visibility not great we still saw that this man has an amazing view. He looks westwards over the valley of Westerdale with the small village of Castleton to the north and Hutton-le-Hole to the south.

The Man on the Moors (Seated Figure) | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

The three girls that joined me seemed to like him too. It was bitterly cold and V was shivering, despite having layers on. She must have been cold, she even drank my sweet, black tea from my flask!

Photo opportunity

Of course, I never go anywhere without my camera. Today was no different. The cloud didn’t make for great photography today but I didn’t let that deter me. It gave me a challenge. I like challenges.

What it did mean what I spent a bit more time editing the photos in this post. There wasn’t much detail in those clouds so I had to work to get it out. But, I am really pleased with how they have come out, quite dark and moody.

Sean Henry – the sculpture

The Seated Figure is by Sean Henry and is actually one of three. One of the others is in The Hills, in Arrowtown, New Zealand.

The piece was commissioned for the North York Moors by the David Ross Foundation. It is also the first piece of art ever to be installed in the national park and will remain in place until 2022.

Where to find him

You can find the Man on the Moors  can be found off Blakey Road, between Hutton-le-Hole and Castleton, on Castleton Rigg above Westerdale. We parked on the side of the road and it took about 15 minutes to walk, leisurely, up the the sculpture.

The Man on the Moors (Seated Figure) | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

I hope you get chance to go see The Man on the Moors before he leaves in 2022.

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