Pantomime Time – He’s Behind You, Oh Yes He Is! | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Pantomime Time – He’s Behind You, Oh Yes He Is!

It’s that time of year again for us – Pantomime! This year we have 3 girls in the dance troupes that will be performing in our local amateur dramatic production. I can’t wait to see them perform – this year it’s Hansel and Gretel.

But pantomime season for us also means we’re extremely busy. In fact Christmas was a welcome respite.

We’re now into the final week of rehearsals, dress rehearsals in fact, and the show opens on Friday evening. We’re not watching it until the following, final, weekend. They will undoubtedly be more confident and practiced by then, but also tired – very tired.

Pantomime Time – He’s Behind You, Oh Yes He Is! | The Yorkshire Dad of 4
How gorgeous to those three look together, all ready to go to rehearsal. Lydia is rocking her new S’UP hoodie and you can click check out more hoodies for teenage girls.

Licensed chaperone

Last night I chaperoned for the senior dancers back stage at the first dress rehearsal. To do this you must be a licensed as a chaperone by the local authority. I’ve held my license for just over a year now. It’s not difficult to get, just a few hoops to jump through and lots of waiting.

Helen is chaperoning most of the performances our juniors are in too. Whilst there is the expectation for parents to do their share – you don’t sign up for every show unless you love it!

Chaperoning back stage I see as a privilege. You get to see what goes on behind the scenes and see the show from the wings. It’s also really nice to see your own children back stage too and the enjoyment in their faces.

It can also be pretty stressful too. You have to make sure your charges are ready to go and in place on cue. It doesn’t always go to plan!

Proud parents

We love watching our girls on stage. It makes me feel proud to the point of tears. An audience may turn up and enjoy the show, clap and cheer, but for us there’s more to it. We’ve been there with them on the journey. The hours of rehearsal, dropping off and picking up, the costumes, the make-up and the hair.

Pantomime Time – He’s Behind You, Oh Yes He Is! | The Yorkshire Dad of 4
Photo credit: The Kirk Theatre

It just makes it all worth it as you know what they’ve put into the show when you see them perform.

Yes, we’re knackered ourselves – but I would have it any other way.

“He’s behind you!”

You’re damn right I am!

Come enjoy the show

If you want to see the show, it runs from Friday 11th to Sunday 20th of January at the Kirk Theatre in Pickering. Click here to get your panto tickets.

What’s next?

When the curtain falls (actually at this theatre they close from the sides) on this pantomime it will be time for a well-earned rest and some relaxation.

Haha! Who am I kidding?

We go straight into rehearsals for The Sound of Music with two of our panto girls and me!

Thanks for reading.


Title photo credit: The Kirk Theatre

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