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The Perfect Long Sunday Run

Perfection is an often overused word. In fact, is it possible to achieve perfection? Should we not aim for perfection and hope to catch excellence? Anyway, the long Sunday run – what can make that perfect?

Today’s run really was pretty much perfect.

Firstly, there was not a sniff of any rain at all. The blue skies from yesterday continued but with some broken high-level cloud. A sunny day in July is kind of expected, but this is January and this is fantastic weather.

There was absolutely no wind. A headwind can be so demoralising when running, but that was not a concern today.

The roads were quiet(ish). Most of my run was on country lanes that see very little traffic. So quiet that I was able to let Duke run off-lead for long periods. There was a section along the A170 where there was no footpath that was a little risque, but otherwise, it was nice and quiet.

As mentioned above, Duke was with me. It’s always better to run with my running partner. It’s rare I don’t run with him, to be honest, but having him with me adds to the perfection.

Blue skies of North Yorkshire | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

It was longer than 10 miles. Somewhere in my mind, I have this ridiculous milestone that a long Sunday run should be 10 or more miles. Crazy really as a long run for some people might be 3 miles, or 5, or 50. But I did 12.2 miles today (don’t forget the point two) and it felt awesome.

My recovery food today was a roast chicken Sunday dinner. I spatchcocked the chicken, basted it with melted butter and sprinkled with pepper, herbs and spices then bunged it in the over before I left. While I was out H and G made the rest. G’s Yorkshire puddings were awesome! Now that’s a recovery meal!

I suppose the best thing about the run was coming back feeling like I’d put a shift in. It hurt a bit and that means progression. 12.2 miles in 1 hour and 40 minutes is about where I need to be right now.

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