Trumping Brexit

If you thought this blog was going to stick to family life and my running you would be very much mistaken. No, I do have opinions about things as well and today I’m writing about two.

Trump & Brexit

You see to me Donald Trump is very similar to Brexit – here’s why:

  • Trump became president when nobody thought he would win, and Brexit was voted for when nobody thought it would
  • Trump won a narrow victory (I’m going with the actual way the president is elected and not the pointless popular vote*), as did Brexit.
  • There’s an awful lot of anti-Trump feeling in the media, press, social media etc especially with celebrity and well know faces voices there disdain for the president. We have this with Brexit too, lots fighting it and apposing it and many “celebrities” openly bemoaning it.
  • The US is stuck with Trump and the UK is stuck with Brexit.

I’m not political analyst. I am no expert on US politics. I am not expert on UK politics. I am not expert on the EU. I know as much as any other voter really.

The things is that the whole world sometimes seems anti-Trump. I’m not. Every morning I look at Twitter and I am entertained by his latest round of random tweets to the world on various subjects. Then I am further entertained when people, clearly more knowledgeable than the president, call him out and mock him. I laugh, I do.

I laugh because this is what America voted for. Not just on election night but in all those primaries where Trump came ahead of his republican rivals. It really did bring to the surface some of the worst in American society and give them a public voice. I laugh because the US has a system that allows a single man to become the most powerful in the world, provided he can garner the financial backing required to run for president. Whilst the UK has had it’s share of pompous twits in “power” I do have faith that our particular system is one that wouldn’t allow and buffoon like Trump to actual become prime minister. Never say never, I suppose.

But, here’s the real reason I like Trump. Because with him America is at rock bottom. They can’t get any worse can they? In 3 years times there’ll be a chance for someone to persuade the America people that can do a better job (provided Trump stand for re-election that is – and I think that’s questionable). Trump is showing the American people how bad it can be done and how much better they can do. Which means in 3 years they might get a really good president – maybe.

So the Brexit link. Well I’m not going to divulge the way I voted – you can make your own assumptions (I really don’t care) but I will say that I swung. Was I out then in or was I in then out? The fact is though, whether I agree with Brexit or not, we must come together and make it work for OUR country. At the moment we are allowing it to divide us as Trump is dividing America (and the world). Brexit might be the worst thing to happen to the UK since WW2, but we rebuilt then and we can rebuild now.

So there it is. My simple, uneducated rant-analysis of Trump and Brexit dealt with neatly inside one blog post. I need never darken this site with such rambling again. But this has been cathartic writing for me. I have got it off my chest. I feel a weight lifted from my shoulders for having shared these thoughts with the world.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing some comments!

* I say pointless because although it might show that Clinton won more votes as a nation is makes no different because of the way the US election system works. Much the same here in the UK with a general election.

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