Running Diary 2018 – Week 1

Distance this week: 11.1km
Number of runs this week: 2
Distance to goal: 1988.9km

As I sit here typing this from my sickbed (okay – sofa) to reflect on my running in week 1 of 2018 I must admit it’s been a bit of a failure. Then when I consider that I have targeted a goal of running 2000km this year it dawns on me that things can (have to) get better.

I had a good run on News Years Day, getting out in the sunshine on an otherwise chilly day. I followed this up by reluctantly dragging myself out on the Tuesday morning before work. I had no appetite for it but I went nonetheless.

I knew I was coming down with something and although it wasn’t showing I was feeling drained so since then I haven’t’ run. I also haven’t booked a marathon yet so I need to really pull my finger out and get started soon.

So there is it, my uninspiring start to my running in 2018. I must up my game!

Thanks for reading.

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